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Kate and Juliet have spent the evening hunkered down in the tree. Kate awakes with a start, settles down, and asks Juliet how her shoulder is. When Juliet announces that her shoulder is "awesome!" Kate suggests they get going. Get going straight into a flashback! The Lady Con is sitting in the diner where Kate's mom has been working since Sabrina the Teenage Witch was burned at the stake for heresy and banned to eternal re-runs. The Lady Con's plan to help Kate see her mom is to toss a bowl of chili at her! What a plan! Instead of heading to the back to get a new apron, Kate's mom heads to the bathroom to clean up. That's when Kate makes her move. She walks into the bathroom, and her mom stops and stares at her. She demands to know what she is doing there. Kate says hi and her mom asks her again what she is doing there. Kate said she came to find out why her mom turned her in. Her mom suggests that maybe Kate came to apologize. Kate is not sorry. Not even a little. She stares at her mom and says, "He beat you and treated you like a dog." Her mom doesn't care, because she loved him, and you can't choose who you love. She continues, "For good or bad, I loved him, and you burned him alive. You turned on the gas and lit a match. You murdered him in cold blood." Kate explains, "I did it for you." Her mom refuses to ride that guilt train. "What you did, you did for yourself. Because you are my daughter, I will not tell the two men sitting at the table who have been following me for a month that you are here. But I swear to god, Katie, that if I ever see you again, the first thing I will do is yell for help." Kate cries to herself in the bathroom while I go slam my head into my feminist theory textbook a few dozen times.

Kate and Juliet are continuing their trek back to the Other campus. Kate can't hold it in anymore and asks Juliet, "Did he say that to you? That I broke his heart?" Juliet says that he didn't have to. Kate smirks and announces, "You don't know anything about him." Suddenly, Alex Trebek walks out holding a microphone. That's right ladies and gentlemen we are back with our fifth round of You Don't Know Me!: the game show where the Others prove their knowledge of all sorts of survivor trivia! Just two weeks ago, Ben and Locke faced off on this exact same stage and now they are off an amazing Island adventure together! Let's see how Juliet and Kate fare... Juliet launches into a litany of things she knows about Jack. His height and weight are in there. Marital status, reasons for divorce, love of sushi, hatred of English-style ales, fascination with Scottish folklore, his collection of O-Town paraphernalia, death of his father, blood type. It's all there! Juliet is definitely winning this round. And Kate? What do you know about Jack? Kate realizes she is going down this round, but the game is cut short because the monster is after them again. They start to run, but unfortunately they are girls and they trip. Into a giant mud puddle! Super hott! Girl-on-girl handcuffed mud wrestling?!? What will these writers think of next to capture the elusive male 18-35 demographic?

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