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The Mirror of Erised

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! It's finally over. I'm struck by how good "Lighthouse" is, considering that at several points, it made me want to take a brass telescope to my TV. Alice speaks for me about this episode, and probably the series writ large: "Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas -- only I don't exactly know what they are!" [Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There.] Right now, I'm wondering if Jacob and Esau are the Walrus and the Carpenter, or if they're Tweedledee and Tweedledum? Have I ever mentioned my middle name is Alice? Is this all just and only a game?

I keep flashing back to the young blond boy we saw in episode 6-4. In my head, I get a glimpse of two boys -- probably brothers -- stranded on an uncharted, magical island. They bury their parents (who maybe they ate) in a cave. I can't help but wonder how close to Lord of the Flies such a pair would come.

Next, I decide Jacob is God and Esau and/or Smokey-Faucke is a version of Milton's Satan from Paradise Lost. Then I start thinking about how each group of island inhabitants feels threatened by new arrivals and how they have battled for primacy, wittingly or not. I go from the U.S. Army and their hydrogen bomb, to Richard's group of natives, to the Dharma Initiative, to the hostiles under Widmore's de facto leadership, to Rousseau's crew, to the Others under Ben's de facto leadership, to the original Lost-Aways, to the Tailies, to the Strand-Aways under Locke and Sawyer, to the Returnees under Jack and Hurley, to Ilana's crew and so forth. Then I remember the statue of Tawaret, start pondering the Israelites' time of toil in Egypt, the lost tribes of Israel, the various permutations of the Temple in Jerusalem, and I wonder how far back it reaches. Then the nosebleeds start. I know I've gone long(er) this time, so I'll wrap this up with some stray thoughts and questions....

Original recipe Locke was way into using the sweat lodge as a meditational/revelational tool. Was he actually summoning Smokey, even then?

Who is David's mother? He looks like he ought to be Kate and Jack's son. He's even got freckles, but Kate is too young to have a child this age -- okay, maybe she's not biologically too young, but she would have been awfully young at conception, which would mean L.A. Reality Jack is seriously creepy, gross, and probably felonious. It could be Sarah, but that seems unlikely to me, somehow. If David's mother is a character we've already met, my money and hopes are on Juliet. She and Jack could have met in college, or med school and married young (considering their professions). It makes a sort of sense, and completes a love story that was only ever teased. If David's mother is not a character we've already met, how wrong is it that I hope she's played by Paula Devicq? Whatever you think or want to be true, cast your vote in our "Question of the Moment" poll, over in the righthand sidebar.

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