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The Mirror of Erised

Now, I am of two minds regarding L.A. Reality Jack and his journey. I assume the two realities are going to dovetail at some point, so I have considerable patience for this newer one. But when David first appeared, it was difficult to care about him. I don't know him, and with the finale in sight, I will never know him all that well. And regardless of my seemingly enthusiastic speculation in the previous paragraph, I'm seriously annoyed that we don't know who David's mother is. Still, I find it effective that with his baggage left far behind (in Berlin), Jack is finally able to push through his own father issues -- and does so well enough that he reaches his wounded boy. Physician heal thyself, indeed.

I'm still wondering the nature of the infection -- and in fact, how many infections there are. Is infection a matter of perspective? Is Claire infected, or just crazy and vulnerable? Was Danielle infected? If so, was her crew infected with something else? Is freedom infection just another word for nothing left to lose? Is Kate dead meat?

I keep thinking about the nature of religion and faith. This is not to bash -- I have my own beliefs, but the Others (hostiles, natives, etc.) are believers, right? None are infallible. Some seem frequently inclined to do the will of God Jacob (Richard, most of the time, and possibly Ilana, and probably Hurley). Others (heya, Ben and more recently, Yoko) seem perhaps more thoroughly corrupted by the power bestowed upon religious leaders and decide all of their actions must be the will of Jacob (hey again, Ben). Some follow blindly (I'm thinking of the women who maintained the Hydra station, and, sadly, original recipe Locke). Some question (Juliet) and correct course once they see where blind obeisance leads. There's always an "us" and a "them" on Craphole. There are always orthodox, heterodox, heretics, martyrs, saints, heroes, cowards, seekers, agnostics, atheists, apostles and apostates. Oh dear, there goes my nose, again.

I'll close with what, is to me, the most important question of all. Why did no one tell me that Pepperidge Farm has brought Tim-Tams in the U.S.?!?!?!?! Good thing I don't have a brass telescope right now. I'm just saying. Join me here Wednesday morning for my recaplet of "Sundown," which despite its title, seems to focus on Sayid. In the meantime, come on over to the forum, where we'd never lie to a samurai.

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