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The Mirror of Erised

Just then Jack's mom, Margo, calls. Jack tells her that Oceanic has tracked Christian's corpse to Berlin. Don't sweat it, Margo. Perhaps that's where our baggage goes to rest. Even Marlene Dietrich left some there. Margo's main reason for calling is to bemoan the fact that she can't find her late husband's will. Wouldn't it be just like Christian if he had it with him when he died? Jack says he'll come over and help. But he also makes it a point to ask his mother when he had his appendix out. She says he was 7 or 8 years old; he collapsed at school. Christian wanted to perform the operation, but they wouldn't let him. "Don't you remember?" Jack says he does, but his face is etched with confusion and doubt. It's then that he notices the time (an analog clock reads 2:51 and 29 seconds). Jack cuts the conversation short. He's got to go. He's late. He's late. For a very important date.

We cut to Jack driving up to St Mary's Academy. He's late picking up his SON --David -- and his massive, massive attitude. I'd say the boy is about 13 years old. So Jack? Waxed chest or not, I feel ya. Apropos of who knows what, David Shephard (Dylan Minnette) is the sixth character shown or referenced who bears "David" (meaning "beloved") as a first name. The Biblical David is, of course, the musical shepherd boy who became king. Psalm 23 is a Psalm of David: The Lord is my Shephard shepherd...

Island Reality; Temple Court of the Gentiles: Jack is gazing into the Temple moat when Yoko finds him there and says, "I was afraid you'd left." Jack says, "Is leaving an option?" When Yoko says everything is an option, but clarifies that he'd have to stop Jack from leaving, Jack appreciates his honesty. Yoko then says Ford, Austen and Kwon aren't coming back, "Are they?" Jack says, "No, probably not." Dogen appreciates Jack's honesty. They form a mutual appreciation society and decide the first hazing ritual will involve a skinny-dip in the Murky Mikvah. Their first rush candidate? Lennon.

Across the way, Hurley and Miles play a homemade toss across/tic-tac-toe game, with leaves serving as the Xes and some sort of giant, mutant calamari rings (or possibly rope circles) serving as the Os. When the game is a tie, yet again, Miles snarks how that's a "shocker" and bows out. Hurley asks if he's hungry. Miles eyes his friend up and down and says, "Hungry?" He doesn't even bother to suppress his smirk, but Hurley ignores it. "I could eat." Stop that, Show. Just stop it.

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