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The Mirror of Erised

Court of the Gentiles: Outside, Hurls approaches Jack and tries to act all covert. "Be cool. Act natural. Keep your voice down. [...] I'm going to get up and go. Wait ten seconds and then follow me." Of course, Jack can't just play along and wants to know where they're going. Hurley tells him Jacob told him about a secret tunnel and said Hurley and Jack have to go... Jack interrupts; he's not going anywhere. Hurley says, "I told him you'd say that, so he told me to tell you: 'You have what it takes'." Neither Jack nor we need a flashback to remember Christian Shephard spewing the destructive opposite of that at wee Jack, in "White Rabbit". Since Jack's biggest button has just been pressed, he rises to his feet. "What did you just say?" Hurley says, "He said you'd know what that meant." Jack's nostrils flare. "Where is he?" Hurley tells Jack that Jacob is "kind of dead" and turns up when he wants, "Like Obi Wan Kenobi, but... if you want to talk to him, he's where we're going, dude." Oh Hugo, your mother and father would tell you not to lie. Anyhow, Jack nods and says, "Well then, let's go see Jacob." Commercial.

Jin wakes up alone in Claire's lair, which is littered with all manner of things including clothing, a box of explosives, an oar, and a tacky, vinyl blue and white baby bassinet, covered in discolored tulle. When Jin uses the oar as a crutch to hobble over to the bassinet, he peers inside to find a dead... baby boar's head attached to a body made out of animal fur. Jin takes a moment to let the crazy hit home, but when he hears Claire returning, he throws himself back down to the ground before she can see that he's been snooping. Excellent choice, Jin.

Claire pushes Justin inside her tent, whacks him behind the knees with her rifle and ties him up. She demands to know where he's hiding her son. Justin is not answering, so she leaves him to clean up Jin's wound. "If there's one thing that will kill you around here, it's infection." Oh, Claire. Jin asks Claire if she's been out here all this time, by herself. Claire says, "No, I'm not by myself." I want her to hold up her awesome, homemade baby doll as proof, but she just steps back outside the tent. Justin tells Jin they've got to escape, now. Jin says "It's okay; I know her." Justin says, "No, I know her. If we don't get out of here, now, she's going to kill us both." Raise your hand if you think he's half right.

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