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Desmond's got a gun

Then a dog barks, and Shannon goes running over, and there's some dog that's hard to tell if it's actually Vincent or not, and Sayid says he'll circle around behind him, and the dog takes off, and naturally Sayid and Shannon get separated. And Shannon runs along until she falls flat on her face, and she yells for Sayid, not Vincent. She doesn't get up or anything, just lies there while the camera circles around overhead and there are "ghostly voices whispering," according to the closed captioning. Suddenly, there's Walt! He's several paces away, and he appears to be dripping wet. Hey, Shannon, it's that kid! "Walt?" she says, clearly worried because she hasn't found Vincent yet. "Shhh," says Walt, putting his finger to his lips. "What are you doing here?" she says, and Walt whispers indistinctly (thanks again, closed captioning!), and apparently if you play it backwards, he says, "I buried Paul." Then Sayid arrives, and of course Walt's gone, and Shannon's all freaked out. Are we supposed to think this is anything other than another one of the jungle visions?

Locke and Kate are strolling through the jungle, Locke leading the way with his torch. "Why do you want to get down there so bad?" asks Kate, and Locke actually has the nerve to correct her grammar with a "bad-ly." You know, she's killed people, Locke. I'm just saying. He doesn't actually answer her question. "Jack thinks I'm crazy, doesn't he," he says. Kate: "Why, 'cause you want to drop into a hatch, that's been locked from the inside, by a foot-thick steel door that says 'quarantine'?" Well, sure, it looks bad when you put it that way, i.e. "accurately." "Well, look at the bright side. The damage is done," he says, whatever that's supposed to mean. He says he can't blame Jack for thinking he's lost it, but then again, he reminds returning viewers and informs new ones, a few hours ago he was almost dragged into the ground by what appeared to be a column of black smoke. "Did you see it, Kate?" Kate glares at him, meaning, "You know I did." Locke's all, so I guess we're both crazy! "Wonder what Jack thinks he saw," says Locke, glancing into the jungle behind them.

That's where Jack and Hurley are following along. Hurley tells Jack to go ahead, since he doesn't want Locke "making time" with his girl. Jack takes a moment to shoot a stink-eye at Hurley, who says, "Joke, dude." Jack says he's not in the mood, so Hurley feigns surprise and points out that Jack is normally "Mr. Ha Ha." That earns a chuckle from Jack. Then Hurley blathers on, mainly providing information to new viewers about the Others and what have you, and I'd like to point out that Hurley has rather quickly gotten over how freaked he was to have Arse explode all over him.

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