Man Of Science, Man Of Faith

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Desmond's got a gun

Back at the camp, Shannon is telling everyone that she saw Walt. And she sounds really angry about it. Sayid tries to keep her from upsetting everyone, particularly Sun, who asks Shannon if she thinks something happened to the raft. Sayid assures Sun that nothing's happened to the raft, and she doesn't point out that there's no way he could possibly know that. "Sayid, I know what I saw!" says Shannon. Then Jack and his merry band return, and all the whispering and arguing and rhubarbing stops, awaiting Jack's proclamations.

He hesitates for moment before filling everyone in on the hatch, which he says is about a half-mile from the caves, and that the plan was to hide everybody in the hatch. He says that doesn't matter anymore, because there's no way to get everybody down there tonight. Charlie interrupts to ask where Dr. Arse is, and Jack says Dr. Arse's two-episode contract has been terminated. With a vengeance. "Did you see them? Did you see the Others?" says Shannon, prompting Charlie to tell her angrily that there are no Others, and everybody starts bickering again, at least until Jack yells "hey!" Everyone looks at him expectantly. So he starts blathering on about how everything's going to be okay. They'll all stick together, and they'll post lookouts and have a big ol' campout right here! "The sun comes up in three hours, and we're all going to be here to see that happen. I promise." Wow. When Jack decides to hand out false hope, you really get your money's worth. Hurley and Kate look less than convinced, but they don't say anything.

And then everyone's distracted by Locke, who all don't-mind-me making sure everyone notices him gathering cable. Jack wants to know what he's doing, and Locke says, "It's for the hatch. I'm going in." Oh, this will not do, decides Jack, who stomps over to speak a little more privately in front of the Others bait. "Do you really think that's the smartest thing to do right now, John?" he says. He's tres pissed. John sarcastically says that the safest thing is probably to stay there and wait for the Others to show up, wait for the "brave folks on the raft to bring help." Shot of Sun looking forlorn. There's something different about her this season, like a weight change or something that I can't quite put my finger on. "But me? I'm tired of waiting," says Locke, and stomps through the group of people that he didn't appear to have to stomp through on his way to get the cable in the first place. Everyone watches him go. Kate looks back at Jack with a look that says, "Your turn. I already tried to talk to him."

Hey, looks like Dr. Phil cured racism! Awesome!

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