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Desmond's got a gun

Locke is doing his best to fashion a harness from the cable. Kate strolls up and says she expected to find him halfway down by now. Without turning around, Locke says, "I was waiting for you." He smiles, and turns to her.

Cut to a moment later, and Locke has apparently decided that Kate should go down the hole first. "Well, you're lighter. I can belay you down, and bring you back up just as easy." ["Nice of her not to correct his grammar in return here." -- Sars] He points out the shaft might also get narrower farther down below. "You left out the part where you just want to see if I get eaten by something," she says. "Yeah, well, that too," he says, and Kate makes a face at him, only I don't think Locke is at all kidding about that.

So he hooks the rope under her bum, then takes her hand, and she steps gingerly down the first couple of intact rungs on the ladder. Before she goes any farther, though, she asks Locke what she should say if she needs to stop. "'Stop,'" says Locke, and Kate looks almost as chastised as earlier in the night when he gave her a grammar lesson. "Okay, let's go," she says, and he starts to lower her down. She's pointing a flashlight down the hatch, and breathing hard. The rope shifts suddenly through the jungle trees, and Kate drops down a few feet, faster than she expected, but Locke holds the rope fast, at least, for a moment; then a tree snaps and Kate plummets down the well, with Locke up above being dragged by the rope until he can brace himself against the hatch. Kate drops her flashlight, which hits the ground below and bounces into a corridor. "Kate, you all right?" yells Locke, but Kate's too freaked out to answer for a moment. Then she says she's fine. "I dropped the light," she says. "Maybe we should --" but Locke's already lowering her down again whether she likes it or not. "Well okay then," she says, mostly to herself.

Then these jungle drums start up, which would certainly raise a red flag with me, but Kate takes no notice. Maybe her eardrums aren't hooked up to surround sound like mine. She inches closer, and starts counting to herself, just like Jack taught her to in the series premiere to help her conquer her fear. Now she can see light from down the corridor into the bottom of the hatch-hole. She's more fascinated than frightened right now, although that situation is quickly remedied when it sounds like a door being closed in the distance and the light at the bottom of the hole is extinguished. "Stop!" she screeches, and Locke does. Another metallic creaking noise, and the light comes back on. "What is it?" yells Locke. "Locke, I think there's something down here --" yells Kate, but she's interrupted as a beam of bright white light rips out of the hole. Locke can't be too surprised, having seen this sort of thing before. But he's awestruck for a few moments before finally asking if Kate's all right. No answer; instead, the mechanical winching sound starts up, and the rope in Locke's hands is pulled downwards, despite him straining to stop it. Then he falls backward, all slack gone in the rope. Kate's gone. He scrambles to the hole and yells her name a few times. So, Kate got eaten. Looks like Locke's going to need a few more lostaways.

Jack's slamming an ammo clip into one of the .45s. Hurley says, "You're kidding, right? You're going back? What about all that stuff you said about waiting until morning, and watching the sun rise?" Jack's slinging on a backpack. "I changed my mind," is all he says.

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