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Sisters are screwing it up for themselves

Now we get a real flashback. Claire's lying on the jungle floor, asleep. It's night, or dusk, anyway. She regains consciousness, and starts calling for Ethan. "I'm sure! I want you to take the baby!" Well, at least she's keeping focused. And then Danielle shows up, doing that skittish-deer thing stepping out of the jungle towards Claire. "Who are you?" asks Claire, but Rousseau doesn't answer, and then we hear Ethan in the distance yelling Claire's name. "Yeah, I'm here!" she yells. "I can hear you, where are you?" yells Ethan. Rousseau starts trying to shush Claire, who insists that she has to give her baby to them, so he'll be safe. Danielle tries putting her hand over Claire's mouth and dragging her away, but Claire manages to break free, at least until she gets a face full of rifle butt from Rousseau, presumably knocking her out.

Back in Dharma Feelgood, Claire quietly realizes that Rousseau wasn't trying to take her back to the hatch; she was trying to save her. Instead of "duh," Rousseau says, "I carried you on my back to your camp. I left you where they would find you." Wow, this is kind of like that old story where the guy asks Jesus why, judging from the single set of footprints, Jesus left him during his most troubled times, and Jesus is all, "Bitch, please; those are the times I carried you!" So Claire apologizes. Rousseau's expression doesn't change; she does, however, turn to leave. Claire asks where she's going. Rousseau turns back: "You're not the only one who didn't find what they were looking for." Not that you'd know it listening to her screech. Damn. And maybe it's churlish of me to point out that after Rousseau supposedly saved Claire, she then actually kidnapped Aaron.

Back from commercials, Craphole's Angels are trudging through the jungle in silence, until Rousseau says, "This is as far as I go," and starts going her own way. Claire asks if her baby was a girl, which it was, and asks what her name was. "Alex. Alexandra," says Rousseau. Nice name. I married one of those! Claire starts telling a story that you'd think she might have brought up before now: "I remember a girl. A girl with blue eyes. She helped me. She saved me, just like you did. She wasn't like the others. She was good." Rousseau closes her eyes, opens them, looks like she's trying to hold back tears. Then she says, "I'm sorry that you didn't find what you were looking for. I hope your baby's not infected. But if it is, I hope you know what must be done." She turns and heads off through the jungle without a further word, Claire and Kate watching her go. See, this is why you weren't invited to Aaron's baby shower, Rousseau.

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