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Sisters are screwing it up for themselves

In the hatch, Locke opens the door to the armoury and brings in a bowl of food to Henry, who says, "No cheeseburgers, huh?" and I guess the torture couldn't have been that traumatic since it's always "An Evening at the Improv" with this guy. Then he asks if what Locke said about Hemingway was true. "You have good ears," says Locke, surprised for some reason that Henry heard what he said to Jack, even though they pretty much already established that. "You have thin doors," says Henry. Locke asks if he reads Hemingway. Henry starts talking about Hemingway running with the bulls and fighting in the Spanish Civil War, when I think he meant to talk about Hemingway drinking his face off before writing about running with the bulls and fighting in the Spanish Civil War, and this is stuff that Henry can wrap his brain around. "This, I can't get through five pages of," he says, nodding at the Dostoyevsky, who, Locke says, "had his virtues, too," which include being a genius, apparently, according to Locke. "Bullfighting isn't everything," says Locke. Henry asks which one Locke is. "I'm sorry?" says Locke. Henry: "Are you the genius, or are you the guy who always feels like he's living in the shadow of a genius?" and the idea of Locke or Jack being considered a genius forced me to go lie down for a few hours. Locke just says he was never very much into literary analysis, which strikes me as bullshit. So Henry gets a little closer to the point: "I just don't understand why you let the doctor call the shots."

This gives Locke pause. He says, carefully, that no one calls the shots. "Jack and I make decisions together." Henry's all apologetic, in that "no, of course, you're right" phony kind of way.

Outside the armoury, Locke decides that the best way to finish the dishes is to sweep them off the counter and onto the floor in a rage. Inside the armoury, Henry lifts his head, and smiles. I guess he can't believe that his completely transparent manipulation suckered Locke, who should really be way too smart to fall for it.

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