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Sisters are screwing it up for themselves

Anyway, Kate finally comes to Claire's rescue, running up and yelling for Rousseau to get out of the camp. Kate stands there, and comes face to face with what she's going to look like after twenty-five years on the island without a good shampoo and conditioner. Rousseau leaves, and Kate asks Claire what she said. "She said there's something wrong with the baby," says Claire. If anyone would know, it's the crazy lady.

So Claire is laying out all of Aaron's symptoms, and Jack displays his consummate bedside manner by saying something like, "Babies get sick," all dismissive. Claire's convinced that something's wrong, because he "always sleeps through the night," like what kind of miracle baby is this, maybe he shits chocolate or something. Jack suggests it's roseola, which is common. Claire suggests Aaron's infected, and Jack wants to know where she got such a silly idea. Kate strolls up to tell him it was Rousseau. "Claire, there is no infection," he says, pointing out that they've been on the island two months and no one's gotten sick. They're going to let the fever run its course. Jack's going back to the hatch, and he'll be back to check on Aaron in a couple of hours. Meanwhile, Kate's smiling, thinking, "I forgot how much better 'doctor who's concerned for the well-being of others' is than 'racist con man always looking to screw everybody.'" And after Jack leaves, she squats down by Claire to say that she's sure that if there were something wrong with Aaron, Jack would know.

Guess Claire wasn't convinced, because in the morning she's striding across the beach with Kate, looking for Libby. Kate's not sure about it, since they don't really know her. "I think she can help me," says Claire.

And look, there's Libby and Hurley together as usual, playing with Vincent the Useless Dog. The island yuppies. Claire's all pushy, "So you're a shrink, right?" like, no sense being nice to the person you want to help you. Libby's kind of taken aback. "I'm a clinical psychologist, but 'shrink' works too." ["Is 'shrink' even Australian slang in the first place?" -- Sars] Claire wants to know if she can help people remember things. "I guess it depends on what you need to remember," says Libby.

They go for a walk down the beach; Claire describes the abduction, and how she doesn't remember any of it. Kate fills in some parts that Claire doesn't remember/didn't know about. Like remember when they hanged Charlie? Good times. That's my desktop wallpaper. Claire whines about her amnesia, and Libby (who, all cleaned up and not so mud-encrusted, is rather smokin'. I'm diggin' on the Libby) tells her that she doesn't think it's amnesia: "You know, sometimes when something terrible happens to us, there's a little switch in your head that flicks on, to protect us from having to deal with it." She says maybe Claire's memories aren't gone, that she's just blocking them. Claire, who looks awfully, I don't know, flinty this episode, says she needs Libby to unblock them. "Because my baby's sick, and they did something to him." Libby nods, kind of reluctantly. Maybe she's sorry that she's going to be losing some Hurley time.

Down in the hatch, Jack and Locke are bringing Henry some food in their little prison. Jack asks Henry if he needs to go to the bathroom, Henry says no, and Jack says to let them know if he does. "Yeah, I'll look forward to that," says Henry. Snicker. Anyway, Locke's brought a book in, tosses it on Henry's cot for him to read. It's The Brothers Karamazov, by Dostoyevsky. And I know I lied about The Third Policeman and "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," but with this book I think the show is trying to get me in a "boy cries wolf" kind of situation, because, seriously: first word, pages 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. That's hilarious. Nice little inside joke there.

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