Maternity Leave

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Sisters are screwing it up for themselves

Back in the nursery, Rousseau and Claire see something else left behind: the blue baby bootie that Claire knit. It doesn't look nearly as dirty as the rest of the room. Claire bends down to pick it up. Quick memory flashes, and this time the slot-machine of memories settles on the young brunette, late teens or early twenties, urgently trying to wake up Claire, who doesn't appear to know who she is. "Shhhh, he'll hear you. Look, you have to get out of here." Claire, who, as per usual, appears drugged, is understandably confused and keeps saying she can't leave, while the girl cajoles her into getting up and moving. They go to the door and look down the hallway, and see the Others' M*A*S*H unit getting ready. "Don't scream. They're going to do it tonight," says the girl. And since Claire is in danger of alerting them and the entire island as to what's going on, the girl brings her back into the room and closes the door. "You're going to die. They're going to cut him out of you. I can get you back to your camp, but we have to leave. Now!" Claire thinks she's lying, and she's sure about this, and blah blah blah. It's amazing to me that Claire actually even remembers this, considering how out of her head she is. She wants to talk to Ethan, and says Ethan wouldn't hurt her, and finally the girl is all "enough with the Ethan, how about some ether" and puts a rag over Claire's face, and she passes out. "You'll thank me for this one day." Shutting her up? I'm thanking you now.

More slot-machine memories, and then we're back in the empty nursery, present-day Claire holding the bootie. "It's here, the medicine's here," says Claire. They go down the hall to the operating room, with its busted light and overturned medicine cabinet. Claire tries to lift the cabinet, but it's too heavy. She asks Rousseau to help, but Rousseau's all zonked out in one of her zones again, or so she would have us believe. If I were Rousseau, I could see myself milking the whole "she's crazy" thing as often as possible, like if someone wanted me to do some heavy lifting or listen to them tell me about the weird dream they had last night. So Claire starts yelling for Kate to come help, and Kate comes running. Well, trotting, anyway. Claire explains that the vaccine is in there, so the two of them tilt it back up. Claire opens it, and it's empty. Considering the whole damn place is empty, I can't say I'm surprised so much as "not surprised." And great, now Claire's yelling again about the vaccine being in there, and then she starts yelling at Danielle, asking where it is. She yells, "Tell me!" about eight million times. We get a few more slot-machine memories, all having to do with Claire struggling with Rousseau in the jungle, and present-day Claire looks down at Rousseau's forearm, still marked from Claire scratching her. They haven't healed yet? Maybe Sawyer's got some Vitamin E cream.

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