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Meet Kevin Johnson

Michael wakes up in a hospital. He's got all the tubes and braces one would expect after a major accident. There's a sleeping (or comatose) man in the next bed. A nurse enters and apologizes for waking him. We can't see her, but her voice is hauntingly familiar. "Hauntingly" is the operate word here -- when Michael focuses on her, he sees that it's Libby, bringing him an extra blanket to help him make it through the cold night. Michael screams and blinks -- when he opens his eyes, she's gone. Another nurse enters, but this time it's a real nurse and not a figment of his imagination. (Although they try to fake us out by making the nurse look something like Ana-Lucia). The real nurse lets him know that they get that he was trying to kill himself; she tells us that he didn't have any ID on him when they found him. And then she asks if he'd like her to call Walt. I'm sure he'd prefer her to call Waaaaaaalt. He asks how she knows that name -- it was who the note pinned to his chest was written to. Michael tells her not to call Walt, and she leaves him alone.

It's night time. Michael approaches a house -- there are Christmas decorations in the windows. An older black woman answers. It's Michael's mother. (Most of the damage from the accident seems to have healed, so some time must have passed.) Michael asks if he can come in, and she tells him he already knows he can't. He tells her he wants to see Walt, who is living with Mama. She tells him that whatever it was that he said to Walt, Walt doesn't want to see him. Michael pleads, but she hangs tough and refuses to let him in. He tries to play the guilt card by reminding her that he's Walt's father, but she trumps him by reminding him that she thought he had died in an accident and that she can't even tell people he's alive because he won't reveal where he was or how he survived. (For those who are still working on some kind of time travel or time dilation theory, she tells us that from her perspective Michael was gone for over two months.) Anyway, she's not letting him see Walt until he can explain everything that happened. But she does agree to tell Walt that Michael loves him. As Michael walks away, he looks back and sees Walt watching him from an upstairs window. When Walt sees him, he leaves the window.

Michael walks into a pawnshop and asks the guy how much he can get for his watch. The guy notices the Korean inscription and essentially accuses Michael of stealing it. But he still offers Michael $300 for the watch. Michael doesn't want cash, though -- he wants a gun. And, demonstrating his keen planning skills, he wants bullets.

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