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Meet Kevin Johnson

Michael walks down an alley and takes the gun and bullets out of the brown paper bag he's carrying. He anxiously loads the gun and points it at his head. But before he pulls the trigger, some guy asks him if he has the time. He freaks out and tries to hide the gun, but the guy tells him, "Come on, Michael!" And then we see that it's our old friend, Tom. Commercials.

Still in the alley, Tom taunts Michael for leaving one island and going to another (Manhattan). Michael, no fool, tries to shoot Tom. But he misses, and then Tom beats him up. Michael gets in a few licks of his own (including smashing an empty wine bottle over Tom's head), but the fight ends when Tom points a gun (Michael's gun, I think) at Michael's head. Since Michael was just trying to kill himself, I'm not sure why threatening murder would stop him from fighting. But it does. There's some chatter about how Tom knew where to find Michael, and then Michael asks what Tom wants. What he wants is Michael's help. And there's some more pointless chat about how Walt won't see Michael. Tom quickly realizes it's because Michael told Walt that he killed two women and betrayed the other Lostaways in order to purchase Walt's freedom. Michael tells him to go away, but Tom tells him that the island won't let him kill himself. Michael asks what he's talking about, and Tom just repeats himself and hands the gun back to Michael. I think this is Michael's chance to test whether the island will let Tom die. But Tom tells him to feel free to use the gun to kill himself if wants to give it a try. And then he tells Michael where to find him (the penthouse at the Hotel Earl) when he realizes that Tom is telling him the truth.

Back in his crappy apartment, Michael tries to blow his brains out with the gun. He pulls the trigger and the hammer goes back, but the gun doesn't fire. He verifies that it's fully loaded. There's a game show on the television in the background (we hear one question about Kurt Vonnegut), but the show is interrupted by a news bulletin about the discovery of the wreckage of Oceanic 815. Michael puts down his gun and looks stunned.

Cut to Michael knocking on the door of Tom's hotel suite. Tom lets him in, and there's a kind of sexy guy hanging out with him, named Arturo. Tom asks him to go get some air while he and Michael talk; Arturo kisses Tom on the way out. Tom tells Michael to have some of the fancy food sitting on the table: "I don't make it to the mainland too often, so when I do I like to indulge myself." I think he's talking about Arturo. Michael can't believe the Others can just leave the island at will. Tom clarifies that only some of them are able to leave. Whether that's because Ben only lets some of them leave or because some of them are actually physically unable to leave is not spelled out. Michael asks about the discovery of the wreckage. Tom tells him that the plane is a fake that was planted there by Widmore. Michael asks for proof, and Tom shows him a bunch of pictures and documents that don't actually prove anything. (Like a picture of the cemetery from which the bodies on the fake crash were stolen. Who's to say Ben didn't steal those bodies?) I guess Michael's willingness to believe Tom makes a little more sense when you consider that Tom accurately predicted that he wouldn't be able to kill himself. Michael asks what Tom wants him to do. As you might guess, Tom wants him to join the crew of the freighter, using the name Kevin Johnson. Michael can't imagine why he would go work for the Others again, but Tom tells him that it's the only way he can redeem himself for betraying his friends -- if he doesn't stop them, Widmore's crew will kill everyone on the island. Michael says that he can't go back to the island. Tom tells him that's not the mission -- his mission is to kill everyone on the boat before they get to the island. Commercials.

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