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Friendly Fire

"Are you saying that because you don't think it's going to work, or because you're afraid you'll find out?" asks the woman. Juliet wisely doesn't answer that non-question but tells the woman to lift up her shirt, which she does. Juliet swabs the skin and inserts the needle, the woman giving a pained squeak. "Some doctor you are," she teases. "I'm not doing this as your doctor, I'm doing this as your sister," says Juliet, who adds that she doesn't want her sister alone; she should come stay with Juliet. And never be able to find the CD she needs? No thanks. Her sister just says she likes living on the beach, so Juliet tells her that this is Miami, and everything's on the beach. She goes to the window and flings open the curtains, then steps back so the camera can zoom in on the Miami skyline, over top of which has been superimposed a phoney-ass plane landing for some reason.

This is apparently what Juliet is thinking about as she stands in the Others' operating room, an insistent heart-rate monitor beeping loudly, Jack on the walkie-talkie to Kate. We're overlapping with the end of the cough "fall season finale," so we hear Jack go on about how when she's safe she's got to tell him the dumb story he told her way back when. "You know, Kate, the one we made up so I wouldn't have to get my Party of Five tattoo covered up anytime I wanted to go shirtless," he says.

In the bear cage, Kate screams, "I can't!" enough times to distract Danny, who has his gun trained on Sawyer. A moment's distraction is all Sawyer needs: he grabs Danny's gun and punches him. Kate instantly reacts too, knocking out the other Other. It's like they do this all the time. The closest I ever came to establishing a telepathic link with someone was with a college roommate who was practically aphasic. I mean, not really, but he was always saying stuff like, "Hey, where's the thing with the things?" and by the time we graduated I pretty much always understood him. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we never had the opportunity to perform a split-second co-ordinated attack like this.

Back in the OR, Zeke nervously tells Juliet to stitch Ben back up. Jack says she can't, because she's not a surgeon and can't fix this, and Juliet confirms this. Duh, Zeke. That's why you guys needed Jack in the first place.

Meanwhile, Sawyer's still beating on Danny, grabbing him and ramming his head into the bear pellet dispenser button. Sawyer looks like he could merrily spend the next hour doing this, but this is, naturally, not the correct way to operate the machine, so on the third headbutt, Danny gets a nasty shock on the head and goes flying backwards. Kate and Sawyer lock the Others in the cage and run off.

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