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Friendly Fire

Kate and Sawyer's beach party is interrupted, anyway, by someone shooting from behind Kate who manages to hit the walkie-talkie she's holding in front of her. Nice, that. It's Danny and the two other Others, who hit the sand, guns blazing. Kate and Sawyer return fire and head for the cover of the jungle, while Jack futilely yells and screams some more in the operating room.

After a little runnin' and a little shootin', Kate and Sawyer duck behind a couple of trees, so they can employ a somewhat risky strategy of Sawyer blindly firing off all his ammo until his gun goes click. It would have been just fine with me if he'd followed the action movie convention of then impotently throwing his gun at his adversary. Instead, he and Kate exchange despairing looks, and then get the crap scared out of them when they see an Other has flanked them and has the drop on them.

But God hasn't let their luck run out just yet; he's sent a young woman -- Alex -- armed with a slingshot and a sniper's eye, and the Other's taken down. Alex hisses for Kate and Sawyer to follow her, which they do -- Sawyer after some hesitation, like maybe he'd prefer and take his chances with the three armed guys chasing him. They run into a bit of a clearing, overgrown with tall grass, and Alex quickly locates a door hidden in the ground, camouflaged with foliage on top. The three of them duck inside and pull the door back down, then wait, as Danny and the others creep through the grass, oblivious to our heroes right nearby. After a few tense moments, the bad guys keep moving, and Sawyer feels safe enough to snidely whisper, "Nice to meet you, Sheena," and all I can think is that the instant bestowing of a nickname on Alex is Sawyer's way of showing begrudging gratitude. She just saved their asses twice in about thirty seconds, right?

Back in the operating room, Zeke wants to know if Jack was telling the truth about Juliet wanting him to kill Ben. "Yeah. And in about forty minutes she's going to get her wish," says Jack. Thanks to 24, whenever someone mentions a length of time less than an hour, my eyes instinctively check the cable-box clock to see if they're subtly telling us to expect the development to happen during the episode.

Anyway, before Zeke and Jack can discuss this further, they're interrupted by a groggy Ben, who haltingly tells them that this isn't helping anything. Zeke and Jack stare at him, still face-down on the operating table. A close-up fills the frame with his face, oxygen tube still in his nose, as he carefully says, "Now. Will someone please get Joooliet." Still creepy, even half-anesthetized. I partly expected him to also request some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

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