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Friendly Fire

Back in the OR, Jack tells a still groggy Ben that he stopped the surgery. "I know," says Ben. "I've been able to hear you for a few minutes now. It's very clever of you. I should have seen it coming." Yeah, you should have. You really, really should have. It's hard to believe, but the spinal surgeon whom you desperately need to save your life hasn't really liked all the kidnapping and beatings and killings and whatnot. Jack asks if Ben's in pain, about to say something about being able to do something, but Ben tells him, "No, but thanks all the same."

Juliet comes in, and Ben says he'd like to speak to her alone. Jack ain't havin' it, though. "Please, I'm asking you, one gentleman to another [or, in this case, to Jack]. It won't hurt you to give me three minutes, will it, knowing I have only twenty-seven left?" says Ben. Man, you don't know how many times I've said that to my wife while I'm on my lunch break. Unlike my wife, Jack gives in, and warns Juliet not to touch him. She says she won't. Jack says they've got three minutes, and he leaves, going to the observation window, where he and Zeke watch the two of them speaking. We can't hear what they're saying. Zeke breaks the ice by saying, "I'm Tom, by the way." Jack just looks at him, and Zeke seems kind of put out by Jack's rudeness. They both continue watching Juliet and Ben, Juliet now putting her head in her hands. "They've got history," says Tom. Juliet stands up, her back to them, and appears to be taking a moment to compose herself. Then she leaves the OR, and walks into the observation room. Jack walks down the steps to meet her. "I would like you to go back in there, put Ben under, and finish the surgery," she says. "And why would I wanna do that?" says Jack. "Because I'm going to go help your friends escape," she says. Looking somewhat emotional, she glances up at Zeke, who doesn't say anything, and leaves. Jack and Zeke look at each other too, like, "Women, huh?" Although, bulletin board speculation has it that Zeke would be more interested in Jack than Juliet anyway.

Flashback to Juliet sitting through what seems to be a one-on-one sales pitch for some sort of time-share thing. But it's just that appointment with "Dr. Alpert" that she confirmed on her cell phone the night before. Dude's got a little slideshow going, and he explains that "Mittelos Bioscience" is based in Oregon, just outside of Portland. We see shots that look straight out of a university brochure -- happy people strolling around modern facilities. "Uh, these shots might seem a little cheeseball, but our people really are this happy. Why? Because we're privately funded. Privately funded means freedom." That's right: private donors never expect to see any results. He blathers on about how they organize trips every week and how the Portland area is "just awesome" for hiking and biking, etc., like how much do I not believe you're an actual doctor (but I'll tell you, Dr. Batmanuel, what was "just awesome": The Tick). Juliet interrupts to ask why his company would want her. "Is it true that you successfully impregnated a male field mouse?" he says, with a look that indicates that he thinks that is also "just awesome." Juliet demurs that "he didn't carry to term," and smiles, and maybe she could consider that the poor mouse might not think it's so funny that he lost his child.

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