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In torture we trust

Jack is still wrestling Sayid, who's yelling that Henry is lying. "That's enough!" says Jack, practically tossing Sayid out of the armoury. He slowly closes the door, and there's a look on Henry's face, looking up, that's a little too crafty for my liking, like he's won. But what I am enjoying is that I don't know if it's real or just my imagination, and that between this episode (however much filler there was) and the last one, there's some sort of plan in place to carry us to the end of this season.

In the hatch-hole, Sayid calmly tells Jack that Henry is one of them. Jack sarcastically asks if Henry told him that. Nope, says Sayid, failing to admit that if Henry had said so, it would have been more likely because he wanted to stop the torture than tell the truth. Sayid just says he knows that Henry is one of them. Jack reminds Sayid that Rousseau once tortured him for the same reason. "If I'm not mistaken, she strapped you down, she shocked you, all because she thought you were one of them." Locke strolls up with his own special brand of moral relativism and points out that to Rousseau, Sayid is an Other, that in fact they're all Others to her. Jack just stomps off, his feet tapping out, "Shut up, John," in Morse code.

Flashback! We got a great big convoy, rolling through Iraq. Sayid's in the back with a bunch of soldiers, including Kate's dad, who's looking at a photograph, which we can't see yet. He asks Sayid if he's got a wife or kids. Hey, no humanizing the enemy, soldier! Sayid's off in his own world, and he barely manages to shake his head no. Now we see the photograph, which is of Kate by a lake, and she's wearing a baseball hat, the time-honoured television technique for rolling back the years for flashback purposes. I actually didn't realize it was Kate's dad until this point, so I was glad they included that.

The truck comes to a stop, and Sayid, whose hands are still bound behind him, is let out of the back. We're on a road in the middle of nowhere; the only sign of life is the billowing black smoke of an oilfield fire, or possibly Michelle Rodriguez is having difficulty getting home from the cast party again. Clancy Brown gets out of the passenger seat of the troop transport and takes Sayid aside. "It's over. We're pulling out, not going to Baghdad. So your man Saddam gets to stay in power, which means you, in all likelihood, will remain in his employ. Guess you're lucky you have new skill set you can use." Sayid says that what Clancy made him do, no human being should ever have to do to another. Oh, tell it to Uday. Clancy yanks out a knife, startling Sayid, but he just uses it to cut Sayid's bindings. As he does so, he starts speaking in Arabic. "One of these days there will be something you need to know. And now you know how to get it." So you needed a translator…why? Couldn't find a soldier willing to pull out a few fingernails? Waterboarding skills a little rusty? Sayid says he'll never do it again. Clancy says "yeah," not really believing him, and counts off several hundred-dollar U.S. bills for Sayid, calling it "bus fare back to Ramadi," and wishes him luck. The soldiers get back in the truck and roll out, leaving Sayid stranded there on the side of the road. You guys, you forgot Sayid!

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