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In torture we trust

So Sawyer goes stomping through the jungle himself. He is looking for a particular tree frog in the vast jungle of Craphole Island. Good luck with that. He comes across Hurley, who he calls "Rerun." Makes sense to me. Because when you think of reruns, you think of Lost. Hurley is dipping into some Dharma ranch dressing, which Sawyer sees despite Hurley's attempts to hide it. Sawyer notes that ranch dressing needs to be refrigerated once it's been opened. Hurley says that on the back of the jar it says that it'll keep at room temperature for up to seven years. Not that it's any danger of lasting that long. Sawyer uncovers more of Hurley's secret stash (including some peanut butter) and, presumably ironically, acts shocked that Hurley stole food from the group. Hurley doesn't want Sawyer to tell, as though anyone would be really upset if Sawyer complained about someone else's thievery.

We're interrupted by the sound of a tree frog, which I guess for the purposes of this episode and Sawyer's general dementia is the ONLY tree frog in the entire jungle, and Sawyer actually has a GUN tucked into his pants that I guess he wants to use on the frog. Sawyer asks Hurley if he's seen it. Hurley says he's seen it. He's seen THE ONLY TREE FROG, I guess. ["And now this bothers him? The frog didn't make a peep until this episode? -- Sars] Sawyer says that if Hurley helps him find it, he can "keep on ranch dippin'." Hurley considers this deal, because, once again, the rest of the Lostaways would certainly be on Sawyer's side right now.

Elsewhere in the jungle, Sayid and Rousseau have arrived at wherever it is she's been leading them. "Where exactly is 'here'?" he asks. She doesn't answer. She picks up a quiver and bow that she had stashed in the underbrush. He asks her what it's for. She doesn't answer that either. Her lack of response is kind of funny, actually, like the writers have gotten the hang of having a character ask questions, but not having anyone answer them.

Then he hears shouting nearby, and makes his way to a clearing, despite her entreaties to wait. There, hanging from the tree in a Rousseau Booby-Trap Special, is some guy hanging upside down in netting, yelling for help.

Sayid scrambles across the clearing to the netting, with Rousseau warning him not to believe anything the guy says: "He's one of them," she says. The guy, who has managed to right himself, tells Sayid, through the netting, that he has no idea what she's talking about. "She's crazy!" he says. So he's met Rousseau, then. Sayid asks her how long the guy's been up there, but the guy himself answers that he's been up there since last night. He introduces himself as Henry Gale from Minnesota. Hey, do you know Prince? Sayid thinks long and hard about it, and decides to cut him down, which Henry thanks him for, and Rousseau says Sayid's making a serious mistake.

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