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In torture we trust

Jack shows up, and Henry smiles a bit, maybe because Jack seems a little unimpressed with the drama unfolding in front of him. Or, on second viewing, it looks almost like he recognizes Jack, like Jack is who he's here to see, you know? Or maybe I'm analyzing it too much. Sayid gives him the Coles Notes version of The Life of Henry Gale. "She believes he's an Other," says Sayid. "An 'other' what?" whines Henry. "You shot him with an arrow?" says Jack, incredulously. "Do I have a bow?" says Sayid. No, I suppose Sawyer has all the bows and arrows too.

Jack starts doing his doctor thing, talking to Henry all, "Are you with me?" and asking if Sayid was going to let Henry bleed to death. Sayid says they just wanted honest answers. And besides, that wound is "hardly life-threatening," he says, and if an arrow through the chest isn't life-threatening, I'd really be interested in knowing what Sayid thinks is. Locke's all in favour of Jack treating him first. It might have been nice of him to say something earlier, you know? Jack gets to work, and Sayid warns him not to untie Henry. Jack doesn't say anything, but it looks like he agrees with, if not Sayid's methods, his cautiousness.

Sawyer and Hurley go tree-frog hunting. It's just such filler that even recapping it is a waste of time. Hurley gripes that this is how people get killed in scary films. No, this is how people get bored by pointless scenes that don't advance anything. Sawyer says that if this were a scary movie, he'd be with a "hot chick," instead of Hurley, who he calls "Barbar," and Hurley looks unimpressed with the fat joke, but corrects him to "Babar" anyway. And Sawyer calls him "Hambone," I think. Kind of tough to make it out. Sawyer says something about his little ranch-capade becoming the lead item on the "coconut internet," and it's all very tedious, and Hurley gets mad as hell and won't take it anymore, and snaps about how he knows he's fat, and blah blah blah. "At least people like me," says Hurley, and tells Sawyer to find the tree frog himself and stomps off. And speaking of which, for such an impossible quest like finding the jungle's only tree frog, which we CAN'T EVEN HEAR RIGHT NOW ANYWAY, shouldn't they at least split up? What's the point of them walking together?

So Sawyer tells him to wait, and he apologizes, and then he says the frog is killing him, and pleads with Hurley to help him. Even without the fat jokes, can anybody explain to me why Hurley would say yes? Did he miss last week's episode?

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