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Desperately Seeking Some Answers

Juliet is listening to Pet Clark to make herself feel better. She stares in the mirror and dances and puts everything in order for her book club. That's when the plane explodes over the Island and everyone runs around in shock and confusion. Ben realizes that there may be survivors from the crash. He sends Goodwin and Ethan off to pretend to be passengers and to listen and learn, but not get involved. They run off. Ben walks up to Juliet, looks at the book she's clutching in her arms, and realizes that he is out of the book club. Juliet stares blankly at him, turns, and walks away. Ben says he was looking for her this morning because they need to talk. He takes her to Patch Adams's farm. He tries to get Mikhail on the walkie-talkie, but Mikhail apparently never has his on, so Ben is reduced to hollering. He shouts, "Mikhail! It's Ben. I'm with Juliet. We're approaching the house. Don't shoot us!" Mikhail yells back to hurry up then. Heh. Patch Adams asks if they saw the giant plane that burst into pieces directly over their heads. Ben thanks him for pointing out the bleeding obvious, asks what he has found out so far, and orders detailed files for everyone on board. Patch Adams says he's already working on it. Juliet is still holding her copy of Carrie. Didn't it take Kate, Sayid, and Locke like two days to get to the Barracks? How did Ben and Juliet get there so quickly? Oh, right, Ben is magic. Maybe they rode unicorns! Ben asks Patch to upload Richard in Acadia Park. He turns to Juliet: "Yesterday you called me a liar. That hurt me." Aw, poor little boiled shrimp. Did mean Juliet hurt your feelings? How can she be so cruel to a little baby shrimp? Juliet rolls her eyes, and Ben puts on a headset and asks if Richard can hear him. Richard takes a photo of a newspaper to show the date. He then pans up to show a little boy playing at a park. When a woman picks up the little boy, Juliet suddenly realizes that the woman is her sister. Juliet laughs and cries and pounds the screen. Ben intones that a little over two years ago, much to everyone's surprise, Rachel's cancer went into remission and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Julian. Ben turns off the camera and Juliet cries. Ben tells Richard to hurry back because they have some new visitors. Juliet again demands to go home. Ben is not moved by her tears: "That's not our agreement. You have to stay here until your work is finished." Juliet complains that it's impossible -- the mothers keep dying! Ben says that they'll find more mothers. Maybe there was even one on that plane! Then the little baby shrimp is squashed flat by an Anvil of Foreshadowing. Der.

Jack is putting his years of medical school and top-notch surgical training to use by dabbing Claire's forehead with a damp cloth. Juliet rushes up with her case, but Charlie won't let her near Claire. Why should he trust her when she did this to her? Jack borrows a pen and paper, writes a note, and hands it to Charlie. The notes says: I trust her. Do you trust me? Check Yes or No. Charlie scratches his head for a second, sighs, and hands the note back to Jack. Jack unfolds it and sees the Yes! He nods and asks for a couple of minutes alone with Juliet. As Charlie walks off, Jack turns to Juliet: "This should work in a few hours, right? If this doesn't work, if something happens to her, I won't be able to protect you anymore. You'll be on your own. No pressure." Juliet tries really really hard to knit her eyebrows together in concern, gives up, and just says, "I'm already on my own, Jack." A microphone drops from the sky, the lights dim, and Juliet walks out onstage and starts singing "All By Myself." As the song ends, she pushes a giant-ass needle into Claire's stretch-mark-free tummy.

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