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It's hard out here for a gimp

In Swan Station, Jack smashes a Virgin Mary statue, while a stricken Sawyer and Kate look on, Kate stealing a glance over at a silent Libby. From behind them, Michael takes everything in, an absolutely unreadable expression on his face. And from behind him, we hear Hurley say, "We were going to have our first date."

Michael turns to look at him. "Date?" he says. "Yeah, a picnic on the beach," says Hurley. Michael says nothing, but it looks like this news certainly isn't making him feel any better about what he's done. And Hurley has to drop a little salt in the wound and say, "I'm glad you're okay, man."

Fortunately, the ladder in this new hatch isn't completely useless, and Eko and Locke carefully make their way down to the floor. Eko shines his flashlight around, finding the now-familiar Dharma logo, but instead of a swan, or an arrow, there's simply a blank circle. They found the island White Spot! Locke finds a light switch and flicks it on, but it's still not very bright in there. They keep going down the corridor and enter a room that's got a wall of nine television screens, one of which is on, displaying only static, with chairs in front. Locke hobbles over, past a table covered with cigarette butts and…rocks?…and tries turning on the other television screens. One does come on, displaying static as well, and then one more comes on, displaying a kitchen, dining area that looks a lot like Swan Station. Sure enough, Jack goes strolling by. So even on the island itself, Jack hogs all the screen time. Locke and Eko look at each other, stunned. A quick sweep with the flashlight reveals a camera, presumably closed-circuit, up in a corner.

Locke finds a dial that turns on more overhead lights within the room itself, and he and Eko continue looking around. Locke spies a computer, just like the one back at Swan station, only this one's screen reads, "Print Log? Y/N" Locke presses Y, and then hits the good ol' Execute button. The old-school printer nearby starts up with the skrit skrit skrit noise those printers made, running off pages filled with lines of numbers -- not the numbers, more like a counter, as it looks like the number goes up by one each time -- followed by the word "accepted."

Meanwhile, Eko's opened a cabinet, filled with old, dusty notebooks. He flips through the pages, which are empty. Locke's found a pneumatic tube by the wall; he slides it open and puts the piece of paper with the scribbled map inside it. The map is whisked upwards, through the ceiling. Locke looks moderately surprised, as if he didn't expect it to work.

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