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Back at Swan Station, Jack's anxiously wondering where Eko and Locke are. Kate tells him that it'll be tough finding Henry's trail in the dark, but they'll be back. Michael asks if Libby's said anything. You know, just anything, not something crazy like that he's the one who shot her or anything. Jack says she's still unconscious. And the bleeding's stopped. "That's good, right?" says Kate. "No. That's not good," says Jack, without bothering to explain about low blood pressure. "So there's nothing you can…" begins Michael, who is just asking to be found out, but I'm willing to buy that his friendship with the Lostaways plus his own gunshot wound would mean none of them would even wonder about the questions. Jack says he can make her comfortable, but doesn't have what he needs, and he looks over at Sawyer. "I gave you all the damn meds two days ago," he growls. "The heroin, Sawyer," says Jack. Sawyer shakes his head, eyes closed -- not, I don't think, at the request for the heroin, but with the realization that Libby's gonna die. He gets up, saying, "Give me twenty minutes." Only Jack has another idea: Kate will go with him. Sawyer protests that it doesn't take two people to carry the heroin, but Jack sharply says, again, "Kate is going with you." Sawyer sighs, figuring it out, but Kate needs a little more help, so Sawyer spells it out: "Jack over here knows his heroin's in my stash with the guns. So I can either show you where it's at, or let poor Libby suffer. That pretty much it, Jack?" Jack's all, yep! "Let's go, Freckles," says Sawyer, and stomps off. Michael sneaks a quick glance at the unconscious Libby, hoping she kicks it before she says anything.

Kate and Sawyer stroll along the beach. Didn't Sawyer ask for twenty minutes to get the heroin? The beach is more than ten minutes away from the hatch, no? Sure -- after all, it was light out on the beach when Locke told the gang about Ana-Lucia having a gun, and pitch-black when they finally made it to the bunker, albeit they were slowed by Locke on crutches. And now it's morning, so I guess Jack was taking care of Libby for a while. But still, why would Sawyer say twenty minutes if he knew a mission of mercy would take a lot more than that? But that's not what concerns Kate; she wants to know how Ana-Lucia got his gun in the first place. Is this the first time he's been asked that? He growls that she must have lifted it off him, which is not an answer that satisfies Kate, who asks how she could have done that. "Well, if I knew how she did it, she wouldn't be able to do it, now would she?" he snaps.

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