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Drivin' Your Green With My Three-Iron of Love

Speaking of a nice scene, a tanned and bikinied Shannon is reading on the beach when Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity says, "You're never gonna believe this." "You finally learned to tie your own shoes?" Shannon asks sweetly. "Funny," her brother answers, and says that he hears people at the caves have built a golf course. When he says Jack's playing now, Kate, nearby and listening in as always, is all, shhyeah right! Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity goes to check it out, and Shannon tells him to wait for her, bonehead. A lot of the venom has gone out of these two's relationship, but I'm sure it'll be reinstated for the Shannon and Her Brother Spectacular episode, coming up sometime soon, I'll bet. "A doctor playin' golf," Sawyer says as Kate walks past. "Now I've heard everything. What's next? A cop eatin' a doughnut?" Kate grins and says if Sawyer wants to come, he should just say so. Sawyer notes that the castaways aren't too fond of him right now, and Kate says, "One outcast to another? I'd think about making more of an effort." Wow, just when I sort of like Kate -- due primarily to her absence during much of this episode -- she goes and says something irritating like that. "Outcast"? Kate is basically the Queen Bee of this island, with three guys vying for her attention. What a pud.

The State of Nature. Sayid has fixed the music box, which tinkles and twinkles away. "You see? Some things can be fixed," he says, which is a metaphor, you know. For what? I simply do not have time to explain. Sayid asks Rousseau to let him go, but she refuses. "It's not safe," she says. "You need me." At that moment there's a roar outside, and Rousseau collects up a rifle. "If we're lucky, it's one of the bears," she says. As she climbs the ladder, Sayid calls, "It might be that thing up there! The monster!" Rousseau responds, "There's no such thing as monsters." Hey, did anyone ever see that Hal Hartley movie No Such Thing, with Sarah Polley? Was it any good? What the fuck happened to Hal Hartley, huh? From Henry Fool to that, wow. Sayid grabs the other rifle and takes a moment for a…

FlashIraq! Omar tells Sayid he must execute Nadia. Sayid is obviously upset about the news, but agrees to do so. Omar seems unimpressed with Sayid's job performance; if Sayid was a public school, he'd lose his Federal funding under the No Child Left Behind Act. That's the kind of "joke" you come up with when you only have twelve minutes left to finish a recap and you're not self-editing at all.

Nadia's cell. Sayid opens the door, and Nadia asks, "What did you bring me today?" He tosses her a mask and says, "Put it on." She looks like she doesn't really like it. Perhaps it's not her size? Sayid, when buying a gift for a woman, always buy one size too small! Chicks love that!

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