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I Will Be Your Father Issues

Hurley says he's seen Empire "like, 200 times" so he figured he'd make "life easier" and send Lucas the script, "with a couple of improvements." Miles says that's the dumbest thing ever, which may be true, but come on Miles, it's also damned cute. Hurley takes offense at that and says that at least he's not afraid to talk to his own father. He snatches his comp. book back from Miles and returns to the van. Miles lets his words sink in and follows, while we cut to...

Dharmaville, Same Night: Sawyer arrives home and complains to Juliet, "Did you ever have one of those days when you felt like the Little Dutch Boy, with your finger in a..." He sees Jack standing there. "Doc!" Heh. Holloway's timing suffers in print. When Sawyer asks him what's going on, Jack calmly and coolly explains that Roger thinks Kate had something to do with Ben's disappearance. Sawyer seems to still be catching his breath. He looks from Juliet to Jack and asks, "Why the hell would he think that?" Juliet says, "Because she talked to him -- tried to make him feel better." When Sawyer sighs, Jack chuckles and adds, "Her heart was in the right place." Sawyer wonders, "Yeah, well where was her head?" I know this one, too. Right up her freckled ass (although with bathing suits and all, that's probably freckle-free). Seriously, I'm glad someone finally noticed how un-Kately she is in this episode. This girl's capable of serious subterfuge, as well we know, and yet she can't fake out a drunk who doesn't even particularly like his own kid, while she does something she's pretty sure is going to heal the kid and get him back safe -- if not entirely sound -- to said drunk? Next on Lost. Sawyer can't con. Hurley can't eat. Jack can't cry.

Jack remains impressively composed. It's kind of... sexy. Well it is, and love Jack or hate him, The Fox is still a fox. "I had a talk with Roger. I don't think he's gonna say anything to anyone for now. I just wanted you to know." He walks over to Juliet and hands her his coffee mug. "Thank you." Juliet's maybe thinking he's kind of sexy too, because she just replies, "Hmmm," and nods. When Jack gets to the door, it is clear Sawyer is shocked at how pleasant and helpful that exchange was. "Yeah, well, thanks for filling me in, Doc." He nods, because he means what he's saying. Jack says, "No problem," and leaves Sawyer to stare at his retreating form in shock and awe. I like to think Jack's suppressing a whistle, don't you?

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