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Miles sounds like he's about to cry. "He -- he was all alone. He was scared. His chest hurt. He kept calling out for Kimberly." I need to smish him. Trevor says Kimberly is Vonner's wife who died last year and asks Miles how he'd know about that. Miles says, "I heard him." This must be the first time Miles has displayed his ability in front of his mother, because she seems genuinely confused and concerned as she asks what he's talking about. Besides, any kid worth his salt would out a parent who was trying to front at a moment like that. Mommy, it's just like that time when Grandma died and afterwards, when we went to the cemetery, I heard her say that Grandpa isn't your real father, and you told me to shut up or we'd be out of the will. And then you called her a 'whore' and threw rocks at her headstone. Mommy, what's a 'whore'?

Young Miles says Mr. Vonner is "still talking right now." Lara lets go of her boy's arms and backs away from him a couple of steps. She stares at Vonner while telling wee Miles, "Honey. He's dead." Miles yells, "I told you! I can hear him!" He covers his ears and closes his eyes. "I can hear him!" My kids are home on vacation this week. I expect I'll be doing that a lot. Anyhow, we jump to...

Island; 1977: Miles is reading the March 14, 1977 issue of Sports Illustrated. It features Tommy Lasorda in a Dodgers uniform, and the headline reads, "NEW BOSS IN L.A." Real world timeline: 1977 is the year in which Lasorda's Dodgers lost the World Series to the Yankees in six. Baseball fans may recall that a fire in Yankee Stadium's neighborhood during Game 2 of that series inspired Howard Cosell's famous line, "There it is, ladies and gentleman, the Bronx is burning," but I digress. We don't need no water, let the mother...well, you know.

Sawyer calls Miles on the walkie. We cut to him and Kate walking back past the sonic fence pylons. Sawyer wants Miles to "accidentally" erase the tape from security camera 4, but has no time to explain why he's with Kate or that the evidence he needs destroyed shows him and Kate smuggling wee Benjamin Linus out to the Fresh Air Fund's Camp Richard for Abused and Dying Dharma Sprog. "Just erase #4, and if anyone asks, I'm off the grid. I'm looking for an escaped hostile." Miles doesn't feel like playing right now. "You mean your pal, Sayid." Sawyer doesn't call him a son of a bitch, but he does demand to know whether or not Miles will help him. Miles says, "Yeah, yeah, I got it." Sawyer tells him he owes him one, signs off and instructs Kate to go back to Dharmaville, find Juliet and see if anyone has yet noticed anything, oh say like the fact that a dying child has seemingly wandered out of St. Jacob's Hospital. I don't know why this kidnapping-Ben-without-a-cover plot point drives me crazy; it just does.

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