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I Will Be Your Father Issues

Miles enters his mother's bedroom. He's wearing a plaid hoodie with an upside-down number one on it. The room is full of hospital equipment. Don't tell me Lara is jumping through time like Daniel's human science fair exhibit. Oh, look at her hair. Unless she's doing a demo on how not to be a Tyra, this lady is dying. She wakes at the sound of her son's voice. When he apologizes for taking so long to come by, she tells him it's okay because he's here now. Then she asks why he's come. Miles takes her hand. "I need you to tell me why I'm this way, how -- how I do the things I do, and I need to know why you won't talk to me about my father." Poor little schmoopie, but um, look at her. Can't you fake for a moment that you're there because of your love for her?.

Lara stops him short, telling him his father never cared about "us" or "you" but Miles wants to know where his father is. Lara tries to tell Miles it doesn't matter where his father is, but he insists it does, and that he has a right to know. Finally, Lara blurts out that his father is dead, and then says, "Your father kicked us out when you were just a baby. He didn't want anything to do with us. So the less you knew about him, the better." Miles seems angry as he fights back his tears. "Why didn't you just tell me?" Lara says, "Because it was over. Your dad has been dead a long time." When Miles asks where his body is, Lara says, "Somewhere you can never go." And we jump to...

Island; 1977: Miles returns to Horace at the Security station and wouldn't you know it -- Horace is on the phone with Miles' daddy issues. "Pierre, if it was caused by the electromagnetism, we need to know. You wanna see it now?" He looks up as Miles enters. "Yeah, he just got back. I'll send him out with it right away. Okay." Once he's off the phone, Horace instructs Miles to bring "the package" out to Dr. Chang at the Orchid. Miles tries to suggest that someone from the motor pool do this leg of the corpse-run. Right Miles, like they have time to be in the Circle of Trust. They're way too busy with their Circles of Secret Medical Careers and Shady Pasts.

Outside, Miles yells, "Hey, what the hell are you doing? That's my van." He's not talking to the corpse though. Hurley is loading coolers into the back of Miles' makeshift hearse. He puts one in; Miles takes it right back out. Hurley puts the next one in. I'd totally watch a sitcom starring these two (although I think I'd want Sawyer in it too, so it didn't get too cute). He's a killer. They talk to dead people. Together they travel time. Sorry. And now that I'm proofing, I should note that I think I inadvertently stole that bit from someone, but I can't remember who. I'm hoping it was Angel Cohn or Mindy Monez and not someone outside of TWoP, because that would be wrong. Feel free to cluestick me in e-mail, if you recognize the victim of my thieving ways.

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