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Hurley tells Miles he just signed the van out, but Miles says that doesn't matter, because it's his. Has Kate been promoted to motor pool supervisor, already? She's always forgetting which things belong to which boy. Miles tries to shoo Hurley away, but since they're both going to the Orchid (Hurley's delivering lunch), Hurley's not so easily shooed. He offers Miles a ham and cheese sandwich with his secret garlic mayo. What is it about this island that inspires a sandwich fixation? Pretty soon the lovely and talented people at the Lostpedia are going to have to create a sandwich theme. I'm also going to need lunch. But um... no mayo on my ham and cheese, secret garlic or no, because ew. Mustard or bust, baby. It's the weekend, so my husband has just gone out to get us meatball subs. As Hurley returns the first cooler to the back of the fan, he suggests that the two of them car-pooling would be a good way to help with global warming, "which hasn't happened yet, so maybe we can prevent it." CUTE! Miles just stands there staring at the coolers packed in front of the body bag. Hurley says, "Wait a sec. Are you on some kind of secret mission?" Miles tells him to "just get in" and slams the (van's) hatch door shut. And we cut to...

Kate enters St. Jacob's hospital. Juliet's in civvies, now. Are those Jordache jeans? I need a screen shot of her ass, because it's a year too early for that, according to my research. Kate's still a mess, but manages to look beautiful, anyhow. Juliet asks her how transferring wee Ben to the Others went, if anyone saw them, and blink blink if James helped. Kate says she thinks it went okay and thanks Juliet for blink blink sending Sawyer and they're doing wonderfully at playing it chill over that hot man.

Rotten Roger bursts in, carrying the medical supplies Juliet sent him for, before she shipped his dying kid off to Camp Richard. He mutters about not having a van and having to run, when he suddenly realizes his son is missing. I loathe Roger, but I can't help but feel for him in this moment. "Did he...?" He can't say the words, and Juliet mercifully doesn't leave him time to. Her voice is high and sweet as she says, "No, Roger." But she has to offer more explanation for the empty hospital bed than that. "Roger, I -- I'm so sorry. I -- I was gone for ten minutes. I -- I -- I don't know." See, this sucks. Nobody was watching the kid? That's just the worst cover story, ever. Roger wants to know how his kid could be dying one minute and gone the next. When Juliet again says she doesn't know, he approaches Kate, who is not on her game, today. She starts to mumble that she just got there. He turns back to Juliet and yells, "You're his doctors! You're supposed to watch him!" Of course he assumes Kate is a doctor too, since she works in the motor pool. And he's a stupid (if presently pathetic) jerk. When he can't get any straight answers from our girls, he says he's going to Security and storms out, knocking over a tray of medical instruments on his way out. Oh you are so going to have to clean that up, Roj.

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