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So they're swinging in the air, face to face and genitals to genitals, and Jack asks if Kate's okay. She says she is. "Oh good, so you can hear me," he says. Hee! They both agree that this trap isn't "sophisticated" enough to be the Others', so it must be one of Rousseau's. And this scene goes on for about a hundred years, with Jack struggling to reach the gun, which fortunately he tucked into his waistband above his backside, only he can't reach it, so Kate grabs it, taking great pains not to shoot off his ass. And they bicker about who's going to try to shoot the rope that's holding them up, with Kate taking the first shot and missing by about a foot and a half. So Jack wants to try, and of course the doctor is a crack shot, and the net comes crashing down in such a way that Kate winds up on top of Jack. Pardon me, but Evangeline Lilly's from Alberta. Girl knows how to shoot a gun, I guarantee.

On the beach, Bernard is yelling at Jin because the S he's started to build in the giant SOS sign is only one row of rocks thick, and Bernard is yelling that it should be three rows, so that it can be seen from the air. Jin snaps back in Korean, and it seems like he doesn't think three rows are necessary. "Do I just have to do everything myself?" says Bernard. Jin clearly understands Bernard's meaning if not the actual words, and says in Korean what looks like, "Be my guest," and starts to walk away, so Bernard starts begging him to stay: "I just want to get my wife home. Rose." Jin looks at him for a moment, not unsympathetically, but still says, "Sorry," and walks away, leaving Bernard during his bad day with black rocks.

Locke is sitting on the beach for the first time in I don't know how long. Rose strolls up and amiably says, "You're in my spot," like, it's a big beach, Rose. Locke says he can move. "Can you?" she says, looking at him pointedly. Locke says that's funny, although his smile is more sardonic than anything. Rose settles in beside him and says that it looks like his sense of humour got trapped under the door along with his legs, like how nice of you to join Locke and make fun of his leg-crushing accident. "I saw your husband walking through the jungle, hauling rocks," says Locke, and Rose says that he's building a big sign to be seen by the satellites. Locke smiles at Rose's slight sarcasm. "The man doesn't know the difference between an errand and a fool's errand," she continues, a line that sounds like it could have used a rewrite. "Well, Rose, most of us don't," says Locke. So she asks him what he's doing out of the hatch, and he says he's done with the hatch. Place just hasn't been the same since Ana-Lucia moved in, hey? Rose says he's just frustrated because of what happened to his leg, but he'll be up and about in no time. "And yet, Jack said it would be at least four weeks," he says. Rose looks directly at him and says, "But honey, you and I both know it's not going to take that long." Locke looks at her, and Rose holds his gaze. Then he smiles, realizing that Rose also knows about his secret. He smiles, and looks out over the ocean.

Flashback to Rose being led, with some trepidation, in to see Isaac. There are crutches and walkers hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. Over to one side is a wall covered in notes and cards from adults and children thanking Isaac for healing them. Isaac strolls in, and I thought it was Patrick Stewart of all people, and I thought, "Wow, Capt. Picard's Australian accent is really, really good." He invites her to have a seat, and she asks him how this whole nonsense works. She doesn't use the word "nonsense," but her tone conveys it quite clearly. "There are certain places with great energy, spots on the Earth like the one we're above now. Perhaps this energy is geological, magnetic. Or perhaps it's something else." "Magnetic"? If only we could connect this to Craphole Island somehow! He says that when possible, he harnesses the energy and gives it to others. Then he holds his hands near Rose's face and closes his eyes. His hands quiver slightly, and he holds them there for about ten seconds, and then suddenly opens his eyes, looking somewhat scared, and says he can't do anything for her. "I didn't expect you to," she says, like her suspicions have been confirmed.

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