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Leaving your mark

I don't think the Others have to be too worried about Kate and Sawyer knowing where they are; when Sawyer comes back to the campsite sans Carl, Kate flips, because Carl could have shown them how to get back. Isn't Alcatraz actually a relatively tiny island? What's so difficult about it? Sawyer says he let Carl go because he's a target: "Ben ain't never going to stop looking for him," he says, and Kate's opinion is that all Ben wants is Carl as far from his daughter as possible. Sawyer gets a look on his face like that never occurred to him but is probably true, so he stops arguing and just says they should get back to camp. Kate scoffs at him and doesn't move, and when Sawyer eventually notices and asks if she's coming, she says, "Should I walk beside you, or ten paces behind you? You've gotten so good at telling me what to do, I can't think for myself anymore." Aw, look at her stamp her feet when she doesn't get her way.

Sawyer tells her not to take it out on him because she feels guilty. "I don't feel guilty!" she says, telling Sawyer that they had to leave Jack behind. But that's not what Sawyer's talking about: "I'm talking about you and me. I know you did it because you thought I was a dead man. So don't beat yourself up because the doc's left behind." God, sleep with Sawyer once and he gets all clingy. Instead of saying, "What the hell does any of that have to do with anything," Kate says she's not beating herself up. "Of course you're not. So now that we got that out of the way, let's go," says Sawyer. I like that: "out of the way." I'm sure we won't have to hear any more about this, the endless battle for Kate's devotion. Kate looks awfully stunned, either because Sawyer's right, or because she can't believe what a fucking baby he's being over a little prison booty call.

Back on Alcatraz, the Others gather on the beach in advance of the awesome retaliation sure to come their way from that crack commando unit known as the Lostaways over on Craphole Island. Jack's looking at Ben, lying on a stretcher, when Isabel says, "'He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us.' Your tattoos -- that's what they say." Dude, I think she's hitting on you. She's digging Jack. "That's what they say," says Jack. "That's not what they mean." But that's all he says, saving what the tattoos mean for the next tattoo flashback episode, I suppose, and he walks down the beach to join Ben, who gets lifted into a rowboat so they can be ferried out to a larger craft.

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