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Elsewhere, Kate and Sawyer are nearing Craphole Island, and Sawyer says he never thought he'd be happy to see it. Then they bicker, because Sawyer wants to head into shore now because it'll be dark soon and they don't know how far they have to go around Craphole to get to their camp, while Kate wants to keep going. It looks to me like there's plenty of daylight left to go a least a little farther, but Sawyer makes a good point. Kate, however, stares at him in open-mouthed disbelief, like Sawyer just denied the Holocaust or something. He says that they're going to go ashore and make camp, and if she wants to contribute, she can make a campfire while he carries Carl. She just glares at him, and Sawyer takes this to mean he won the argument. I guess if you get her to shut up, that pretty much constitutes a win.

Now they're ashore, with a tiny little fire flickering, and Kate sitting and sulking, refusing the food Sawyer offers. "No, James, I ain't hungry," she says, refusing to even look at him as she mocks his diction. Refusing food, that'll help things, Kate. God, grow up. A little ways away, Carl, lying on his back, says they shouldn't fight because they're lucky to be alive. I know you're not going to believe this, but Sawyer responds with sarcasm.

Kate asks Carl, who sits up and stares at the sky, if Alcatraz is where his people live, and Carl says it's just where they work. On what, Sawyer wants to know. "Projects," is all Carl says about that. "Like the steal-a-kid-off-the-raft project? That was a humdinger," says Sawyer. Hopefully Carl won't try to pull the same "glass houses" nonsense that Tom did on Jack. Kate asks if they live on this island, and Carl says, "Yes, ma'am." Kate and Sawyer exchange glances, and she presses further, asking what they did with the people they took, the kids, and Carl says, "We give them a better life." "Better than what?" asks Kate. "Better than yours," says Carl, looking creepily straight at her. Kate and Sawyer look at each other again, and neither of them says anything like, "Yeah, but... kidnapping? Not cool."

Carl goes back to looking at the sky and says there's not going to be a moon tonight. Then Carl tells a story about him and Alex lying in the backyard and making up names for the constellations; they can't see it yet, but over there is where "Ursa Theodorus" ("the Teddy Bear") will be. Sawyer's dumbfounded that they have backyards, like Carl might as well have mentioned the Others' space program. "Well, ain't that quaint."

Over in the bear cage, Jack pushes the food pellet button a couple of times, getting the warning signal. Oh please, oh please, oh please... damn. He actually listens to the warning, and doesn't press it a third time. He paces the length of the cage, and then he notices Juliet walking towards him. She's still being escorted by armed guards, but she's not cuffed this time. Jack goes right up to the bars so their noses practically touch. This must be nice for Juliet, given that it's been a while since his mouth has seen a bottle of Scope. She explains that she was let out to examine Ben; his vitals are low and he's got a fever. She hands Jack a Polaroid of Ben's stitches, and Jack confirms her suspicion that they're infected.

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