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Locke 3 Times on the Ceiling if You Want Me

I'm out of time, so I just want to throw one crazy piece of speculation out there. After the season premiere, Darlton refused to completely own the idea that the Jughead bomb is what spawned the new reality. They seemed to indicate that it would take a few weeks for us to get why there are two realities. Now, if they've since owned the Jughead theory (which is the most straight-forward), I've missed it, so please let me know. Assuming they haven't, what else could have caused the reality split? Previously, I wondered if it was Faraday's death. This week, I'm wondering if it could have been Jacob's touch. Look, if Jacob is evil, then Faucke is most likely telling Sawyer the truth about Jacob pushing him to the island. But what if Jacob was doing something different? Did he interfere with their lives in the first timeline, and in real time, or did he travel back in time? If so, what if his interference in their personal histories created the new reality? And now my head hurts, so I'll just leave that as is. While Faucke makes a good case for Jacob being the bad guy here, and Ben's/the Others' actions over the years can be used in support of that theory, I don't feel strongly led to commit one way or the other. I hope that's so for Sawyer, too. I'd like to see him remain an unclaimed variable. I'm not the only or even the first to wonder if his "Hell, yes," means he is ready to go all in with Faucke, or if he's decided to play one last long con. Part of me can't help but think that both Faucke and Jacob are playing a nasty little game, and our Losties have to disengage from them in order to survive. But even at this late hour, it's too soon to say that with any conviction. Damn it, Show.

To close -- what a rich episode. At turns it is funny, suspenseful, and heart-breaking -- but not without hope. And it's a meaty one, too. I'll catch you after this week's episode, "The Lighthouse," in which Hurley tries to recruit Jack for a new mission and Jin catches up with Feral Claire. Until then, please grade the episode up top, vote on Faux-Locke's new nickname, over in the righthand sidebar, and join us in the forums. Just don't write on the ceiling. TWoP Mars would need a ladder to clean it off, and thanks to Sawyer and Faucke, we're fresh out.

Cindy McLennan is oh so lost, but if you're feeling adventurous you can follow her on Twitter. If you have directions home, please send them to her at CynthiaMcLennan[at]gmail.com.

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