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Locke 3 Times on the Ceiling if You Want Me

New Otherton: As Faucke approaches the Loveless Shack, Iggy Pop and the Stooges are trying their best to make me woobify Sawyer. Love in the middle of a fire fight. Honey gotta strike me blind. Somebody gotta save my soul. The door is ajar, so Faucke pushes it open. Baby, penetrate my mind. Faucke looks around at the disaster that was once Juliet's tidy home. I'm the world's forgotten boy. The one who's searching -- searching to destroy... They keep beating the "forgotten boy" point, but there are no woobies here. Nuh uh. Faucke finds Sawyer in the bedroom, sitting on the floor, swilling booze from the bottle. "Hello, James." Sawyer is no longer sobbing. Now he's more shitfaced and splenetic. He squints at Faucke. "I thought you were dead." Faucke smiles knowingly. "I am." Commercial.

Loveless Shack; Kitchen: Sawyer pours generous shots for himself and his uninvited guest, before he plops on his couch. He's only wearing boxers and a completely unnecessary tank, which just feels like it ought to be noted, yeah? He raises his glass to Faucke. "Here's to being dead." Faucke seems surprised that Sawyer isn't freaked out by his presence. Sawyer laughs bitterly. "I don't give a damn if you're dead, or time traveling, or the Ghost of Christmas Past. All I care about is this whisky, so bottoms up...." He raises his glass, and then, "Get the hell out of my house." Faucke argues that it isn't Sawyer's house, but what he's missing is that it's his home. Sawyer changes the subject and asks who he is. "'Cause you sure as hell ain't John Locke. [...] Locke was scared, even when he was pretending he wasn't. But you -- you ain't scared." Faucke implies he's the person who can answer the most important question in the world. Oh, oh! 42! Faucke clarifies: "Why are you on this island?" Sawyer points out three reasons: his plane crashed; his raft was blown up; and he had to bail from the helicopter. Faucke tells him that's not why he's there, "And I can prove it." Sawyer, ever the pragmatist, says, "Well, I guess I'd better put some pants on." Damn it.

L.A. Reality; Box Company Parking Lot: When leaving work, Live Locke can't get into his van, because Hurley's Hummer is parked next to it. People more observant than I have noted that Hurley probably couldn't get out of the driver's side, either. Anyhow, Live Locke fusses and grumbles, and then bangs on the back of the SUV until the alarm sounds. This summons Hurley, who looks dapper in his Captain of Industry sports coat and ponytail. He points out that if Live Locke had parked in the empty handicapped spot, he wouldn't have this problem. Live Locke adds a new refrain to his old Don't tell me what I can't do! standard. Just because he can park in the handicapped spot doesn't mean he has to. Hurley is gracious and apologetic, which seems to calm Locke a little. He laughs when Hurley admits he owns the company and introduces himself. Hurley takes pity on Live Locke when he learns he was fired and offers to intervene with Randy Nations the "huge douche." Live Locke declines the offer, but does take the phone number for a temp agency Hurley owns. Hurley tells Live Locke to tell them Hugo Reyes said to hook him up with a new job. "And chin up. Things are going to work out." When he says that, I can't help but believe. Don't let me down, new, lucky Hugo.

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