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Locke 3 Times on the Ceiling if You Want Me

Four-Toes Beach: A crab has settled in on Dead Locke's head, just behind his ear. Frank notes he's getting ripe and covers him with a tarp. The crab skitters off. I shudder. Ilana asks where everyone is. Sun tells her they said they were going to the Temple. Ilana says they should go there, too -- it's the safest place on the island. Sun's not so sure she's going to follow along, but Ilana says that if Jin is alive and on the island, that's where he'll be. Ilana starts off, but Sun stops her. "What about John? We need to bury him." Ben and Ilana share a look and we cut to...

Jungle: Faucke tries to pump Sawyer for information, but James suggests they don't talk. The young blond boy (let's call him Boy) appears again, and stops the conversation dead. His hands aren't bloody this time. He's dressed in homespun duds, like the Templars, and various other Others have been over the years. Sawyer says, "Who the hell is that?" As Faucke expresses his surprise that Sawyer can see the kid, Boy runs off. Faucke yells and runs after him, leaving James standing alone. Eventually, Faucke falls flat on his face. He is wearing Locke's meatsuit, after all. Boy stops and looks down at the old man. "You know the rules. You can't kill him." Who -- Jacob? Too late. Sawyer? Better not. Who, Boy? Who? For that matter, who are you, Boy? Jacob, Sawyer, Aaron, or -- heaven forbid -- another new character? Faucke either knows or doesn't care and he must be of the method actor school because as Boy takes off, Faucke yells, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Commercial.

Jungle: Sawyer is hollering for "Locke" when Richard appears, whispering, "Where is he?" Sawyer tells him he ran off after some kid. Richard tries to hustle Sawyer off to the Temple. Sawyer says he's already been to the Temple, so he'll stick with Locke. When Richard points out that Faucke isn't Locke, Sawyer sneers that he knows it. Richard asks, "So why are you with him?" Sawyer says Faucke has answers. "Says he knows why I'm on this island -- unless you want to tell me, Richard." Sawyer is, of course, yelling while Richard keeps his voice at a whisper. "Don't be naïve. He's not going to tell you anything. He's going to kill you." Sawyer says he's already had multiple opportunities, but Richard is persistent. "You don't understand what you're dealing with. He doesn't just want you dead. He wants everyone dead -- everyone you care about -- all of them -- and he won't stop..." Richard then hears Faucke approaching, so he takes off, mid-sentence. And Richard, you know I love you, but it's that kind of half-assed explanation that has Sawyer following Faucke, and at this point, I can't say as I blame him. We've been putting up with this shit for years. When Richard is out of sight, Faucke returns and asks Sawyer who he's talking to. Sawyer lies, "Nobody," and then asks, "Did you ever catch up with the kid?" Faucke thinks turn about is fair play. "What kid?" Heh. Sawyer drawls, "Riiiight. Let's get on with it, shall we." Faucke says, "Yes, James. Let's get on with it." So say we all.

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