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Locke 3 Times on the Ceiling if You Want Me

Island Reality; Way Too High Cliff: When Faucke says they have to climb down, Sawyer says, "No offense, but you already died. So it's great that this is not a big deal for you, but if you think I'm climbing down there first, you are off your damn nut." And Sawyer, if you're willing to climb down there second, third, or 108th, you're off your damn nut. Faucke is glad to go first. The two descend a rickety bamboo and rope ladder, which ends way before the cliff face does. Faucke then transfers to an even ricketier looking rope and bamboo ladder (more rope than bamboo) and waits for Sawyer. Right before James reaches the end of the first one, a rung gives way. He almost falls, but manages to get himself onto to the second ladder. Faucke is now on a third one (more bamboo). I didn't notice before. Are any of these Jacob's Ladder? Anyhow, Faucke waits there safely and securely as the top of Sawyer's ladder comes unhooked from the cliff. He swings through the air and down, down, down. Faucke calls his name, reaches out, grabs him, and pulls him over to safety of the third ladder. Sawyer is suddenly more than happy to go first, and scurries to the bottom, quickly.

Faucke then leads Sawyer into a cliffside cave filled with various stuff, but the most prominent object is a scale. On one side sits a white rock; there's a black rock on the other. Faucke picks up the white rock and casts it into the sea. When Sawyer asks what that was about, Faucke says, "Inside joke." Sawyer asks if this is why he's here. Faucke lights a torch. "No." He leads Sawyer into an another chamber and raises the torch high. "That's why you're here." He then actually, physically passes the torch to Sawyer, who accepts it wordlessly, and steps deeper into it. The torchlight illuminates countless names scrawled on the cave. Faucke says, "That, James, is why you're here." Most of the names are crossed out, and we don't get a good long look at them yet, but a few are legible and not crossed out. Among them: "16 JARRAH" and "8 REYES." Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. Commercial.

L.A. Reality; School Gym: Locke leads a girls' gym class through some sprints. Next, he's in a classroom, telling students to open their books to chapter 4. "Today we are going to talk about...the human reproductive system." Oh my word, he's a sub, and I'd bet folding money that the teacher he's covering for right now is sitting home laughing and laughing about sticking some non-union sucker with the sex talk. After class, Locke wheels his way down the hall. He stops a male, African American student (I wish it were Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt) and asks him the way to the teachers' lounge. In the lounge, various teachers are reading, eating and whatnot. Ryan, over at Zap2It, thinks the woman doing the crossword puzzle might be Harper Stanhope. I'm not so sure, she looks older to me, but that could just be the shot. Regardless, she's not our focus, here. There's one teacher with his back to the group. He's fussing at the counter about how nobody ever throws out the used coffee filter. "Fear not... I will make a fresh pot." We know the voice. We know his frame, but I'll let him speak his own name. Locke wheels up behind Professor Pickypants. "Actually, I was hoping for some Earl Grey." Prof. Pickypants turns around. "Tea? Now there's a gentleman's drink." He walks forward and extends his hand to Locke. "I don't believe we've met. Ben Linus, European history." Locke shakes his hand. "John Locke. Substitute." Ben says, "Well, welcome!" Locke smiles and we cut to...

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