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Locke 3 Times on the Ceiling if You Want Me

Okay, to review. 4: Locke; 8: Reyes; 15: Ford; 16: Jarrah; 23: Shephard; 42: Kwon. We still don't know what the hell the numbers mean, and I'm starting to think we're never going to get a detailed explanation, but that's something, at least. I guess. Look, I'm just trying to enjoy these few remaining hours without putting on my ranty pants. Darlton should thank Ronald D. Moore for lowering the bar with his Battlestar Galactica series finale. If, when this series bows, I refrain from beating my head against the fieldstone wall in my backyard, Lost totally wins.

Anyhow, I do wonder, since Locke's name has been crossed out, does that mean someone else is (now/actually) associated with number 4? Could that be Austen -- or is she just not on this list? In "Par Avion" we learn she's not on (at least one of) Jacob's list(s). But of course, we also learn that Sayid and Locke aren't on a/the list, either, and yet here they are. How many lists does Jacob have, anyhow? Ben indicated there were lists aplenty, before he killed Jacob. I'm not even sure we should accept that this particular list is Jacob's. His quarters in the statue base were clean, orderly, homey, softly lit. He wove tapestry, for pity's sake. This cave is in disarray. Similarly, there's no order to the list -- which strikes me as odd if the list was composed by a man who we're told has a thing for numbers. Not to mention the cave is damned hard to get to (not that that would hold Jacob back). Maybe Faucke is lying and this is his/Smokey's domain. Harking back to what Richard told Sawyer and Boy's reminder to Faucke, maybe this is Faucke's list and he has to (get someone else to) kill the rest of the people on it. He sure crossed off Locke's name like it was an old habit. I don't know. Perhaps the cave is a demilitarized zone. Maybe it's just a tunnel waiting for a cigar.

I have questions about who the names truly represent. Faucke admits he doesn't know which Kwon is on the list. It seems like Shephard must be Jack, but if so, that leads me back to the Which List Is The List question, since in "I Do," Danny indicates Jack isn't on Jacob's list. Of course there's Christian and Grandpa Ray Shephard, or even, if we want to stretch it -- Claire and Aaron. Lostpedia, which has been a godsend for this sort of speculation (and in general) has a list of other names and numbers spotted in the cave. You'll see familiar ones like Straume, Burke, Linus, Littleton (which means I'm likely stretching it too far considering Aaron and Claire under the Shephard name), as well as Chang, Faraday, Goodspeed, Pace, Mars. As far as I know, no one has yet spotted Austen.

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