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Can't Keep A Dead Hobbit Down

Back on the island, Hurley and Claire are just breaking their hug. She asks for more details, but Hurley's explanation is cut off when Rousseau, Ben, and Jack arrive. The tension is broken when Jack punches Locke in the jaw and knocks him to the ground. Locke reaches for his gun, but Jack gets it first, points it at Locke's head, and cocks it. Locke: "You're not gonna shoot me Jack, any more than I was gonna shoot --" BANG! Er, I mean, "CLICK!" Because Jack pulls the trigger, but the gun doesn't go off. Locke: "It's not loaded." Commercials.

We return to Jack kicking the crap out of Locke while Sawyer and Sayid try to hold him back. There's some screaming about whether Sayid knows what Locke did, and Locke rises to his own defense, telling everyone, "All I did...all I have ever done, has been in the best interest of all of us." Jack (and at least half the audience): "Are you insane?!" He tells them all that he never did anything to hurt any of them (except for clocking Sayid in the head, and getting Boone killed). Jack points out that he blew lots of shit up and killed Naomi. Ben: "Well, technically, he didn't kill her. Yet." Kate enters and tells us that he did indeed kill Naomi, because she just died. But not before fixing the phone and covering for Locke. Locke tells them that the boat people are going to kill them, and that anyone who wants to can go to the Barracks with him. Jack doesn't think anyone is going with Crazy Locke, but Hurley speaks up and tells them all that Locke is not crazy. He tells everyone the story of how Charlie changed his mind and gave his life to warn them about the boat, and the producers kindly show us all of that in flashback. Hurley, to Jack: "So I'm not listening to you! I'm listening to my friend. I'm listening to Charlie." Hurley walks over and stands next to Locke.

Locke asks if anyone else is coming, and there's some tension until Claire steps forward with Turniphead. But more importantly, the internets go crazy as two men standing behind Claire appear to hold hands. Ben asks for permission to go with Locke, and Jack gives it to him. Alex and Carl decide to go with Rousseau (or Ben, who can tell), and some other Lostaways move to Locke's side of the clearing. Bernard and Rose make the definite decision not to go with Locke, mostly because Rose thinks he's a crazy fucker. And then Sawyer goes with Locke. Kate asks him what he's doing, and he tells her, "Same thing I've always done, Kate. Surviving." Or making sure there are enough named characters in each group to provide multiple story lines. One or the other. And then it starts pouring. Locke tells them that they know where to find them if they change their minds, and then he and his group leave. Just for the record, I'm pretty sure that Jack, Juliet, Kate, Sayid, Desmond, Bernard, Rose, Jin, and Sun stayed in the group that's meeting the boat people, and Locke, Claire, Hurley, and Sawyer went to the barracks, along with unnamed redshirts in each group. (I'm going to have to find nicknames for these two groups if this split goes on for long.)

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