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The Island's Done With Who, Now?

Widmore turns to his men and asks if the fence is live, yet. When one guy tells him it'll take about an hour, Charles screams that they haven't got an hour. They must work faster. "He's coming." Sawyer turns to Kate, who looks at him like I am so not having sex with you in front of all these people. Maybe he'll give Frank a whirl. Title card.

Theme Song(s)! (At least go read the lyrics to the first one, because...dudes, seriously.)

Sideways: In order to learn more about Locke's accident, Jack dug through hospital records and found out that Locke had emergency oral surgery, three years ago. And so...Jack goes to see Bernard! He wants to find out how Locke was paralyzed. Bernard asks Jack why he's so interested in Mr. Locke. Jack: "He and I met about a week ago. We were on the same flight back from Australia." Bernard: "Oceanic 815." Jack turns his head and looks at Bernard as though he's an unexplained appendectomy scar. Bernard smiles like he's got the benefit of a second mirror. "I sat across the aisle from you. If memory serves, you were um...flirting with my wife, Rose, while I was in the bathroom." Hee. "It's pretty weird, huh?" Jack is reeling. "Yeah." Bernard nods, rises and says, "Well then, maybe you're onto something here, hmm?" Jack follows him to the other side of the office. Bernard won't breach patient confidentiality, but he will reveal there was another man in the same accident, with John. Jack says, "That was three years ago. You just...remember that?" Bernard looks Jack right in the eyes. "Of course I do, Jack." He says his name just like he knows him, scribbles something on a piece of paper, tears it off the pad and hands it to Jack, who reads: "Anthony Cooper." And then, Bernard smiles again. "Good luck, Doc." GOOSEBUMPS! "I hope you find what you're looking for."

Sidebar 1 of 3: Okay, is Bernard more tuned into reality (both realities), since he and his Eve (hey, a Rose by any other name) are living like a natural man and woman in the Islandways, and not sweating the small (or even the big) stuff in the Sideways? Or is it something else? Cast your mind back to "LA X Part I": Bernard's in the lav when Sideways flight 815 hits a rough patch. Rose and Jack ride it out, together. When Bernard returns to his seat, he grumbles about how he almost died in the turbulence. Did he have a Charlie/Desmondesque near-death experience then? He knows something, right? He at least knows when coincidence isn't just coincidence. He knows when to have faith.

Sidebar 2 of 3: Did you notice the camera work, angles and blocking in this scene? When Jack first shows up at Bernard's office, we get a long shot of the space. Jack and Bernard are over on the righthand side. There's a divider running up the middle and nobody's over on the left. Many languages are read from left to right. Left is older. Right is newer. To get from left to right, and vice versa, you have to move Sideways. After the good Sideways doctors discuss how weird it is that they were on the same flight with John Locke, Bernard rises, walks to the end of the dividers, and passes back to the lefthand side, first. Jack follows him. I don't know. It just struck me. Shut up. I have no mind left. I'm doing this with just a brain stem.

Sidebar 3 of 3: It occurs to me that there are four ways in which people/groups react to the island. 1: There are those who want to escape/be rescued (nearly everyone at some point). 2: There are those who learn to accept it for what it is, and the more full their acceptance, the more bounties they reap (e.g. Rose and Bernard). 3: There are those who want to uncover its secrets (e.g. Locke). 4: There are those intent on exploiting it (e.g. Radzinsky, and arguably Widmore). Other than Rose, most of the more fully realized characters have had a few of these reactions. Original Recipe Locke floated between 2 and 3, for sure, and probably 4, as well. Chang, and Dharma in general, seem to waffle between 3 and 4. This week, I can't stop thinking of Bernard and Rose as Adam and Eve -- restored. Of course, I'm referring to the rape cave skeletons, but I mean something more, too. See Genesis 3:21-24 (KJV): "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them. And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life." In this comparison, Jacob and "Esau" might be our cherubim. And in his Smokey form, "Esau" could be the flaming sword, as well. The island is Eden -- is paradise -- but only for those who, with childlike faith (a good thing in New Testament writings) accept that it is paradise will gain (or regain) admittance. So far, that's Bernard and Rose, although I imagine a time when Sawyer and Juliet were almost there. By the way, I'm not trying to say Darlton is reframing the Bible. I'm using the Bible as a frame of reference in which to examine Lost. I know that itches some people and excites others, so there's more on that here, if you're interested (or angry, or both).

Islandways; Night: Jack asks what happened. Sayid tells him about the mortar attack and adds, "Locke saved you." The rest of the Fauckers who weren't killed scattered into the jungle, so we don't have to pretend to care about them. Hooray. When Jack asks why they brought him to Hydra, Faucke appears. "Because your friends got themselves captured and now we're going to have to rescue them... Widmore has them in a cage about a half-mile inland." Jack: "Why would..." Faucke: "You know, I would ask him, except -- I don't think he's going to give me a straight answer." Hee. "But I can't imagine his intentions are good." He adds that if they move now, they can get Jack's people and be off the island before Widmore knows what hit them. Jack adjusts his backpack and gives Faucke a sideways (ooh) glance. "They're not my people." Interesting. Jack's still distancing himself from the leadership role. Remember when Locke made sure to call the Others his people? Probably not important, but I can't stop thinking about it, just the same. Jack tells Faucke, "I'm not leaving the island." Faucke hopes he changes his mind, but at any rate, the other Losties want to leave and since they just ran away from Faucke, he needs Jack's help in convincing them to trust him. Jack: "Why should I trust you?" Faucke: "Because I could kill you, Jack. Right here. Right now. And I could kill every single one of your friends -- and there's not a thing that you can to do stop me." No, but I bet Desmond could grab hold of an electro-magnetic gigamahoogey and shove it up your ass, tout de suite. Thankfully, Faucke can't hear me, so he takes a beat to let Jack ponder his points, then adds, "But instead of killing you, I saved your life, and now, I wanna save them, too. So will you help me?" Jack looks to Sayid, and back at Faucke, and before he answers we cut to...

Cages: Kate and Sawyer pace like the caged animals they are. Sawyer: "Feel like we're running in circles -- back in these cages?" Um yeah. And water's wet, and sugar's sweet. While they talk, he tells her that her name too was in the cave, but it was crossed out. "He doesn't need you, Kate." Meanwhile, Sun and Jin sit together and talk. In English. C'mon. Actually, I kind of appreciate it, because I don't speak Korean. It just seems unrealistic, unlike say magical magnets and dual realities. Jin tells Sun about see

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