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The Island's Done With Who, Now?
e I broke it." Back on the ground Faucke says that Widmore knew those guards would be killed. "They were only guarding the plane for show. If Charles had really wanted to keep me from actually getting on board he wouldn't have moved his little fences." Hurley: "Wait? Now he wants us to leave the island?" Faucke says no, what Widmore wants is to get them all in a nice confined space they have no hope of getting out of, and then he wants to kill us. Sawyer says: "Kill us with what?" Faucke slides off his backpack and shows the gang the four bricks of C4. He tells them where he found them and says they were wired to the electrical systems of the plane. "If we would have turned it on -- BOOM."

Faucke declares the plane unsafe, saying that they can't be sure there aren't more explosives hidden on it. He has a new plan. Let's take Widmore's sub. Sawyer's all haven't I been saying that for like EVER? Hurley: "Dude, wait. He's not supposed to leave the island. I mean, Alpert said..." Sawyer: "Screw Alpert. He ain't here." Then how are we supposed to screw him, James? I ask only because I want to obey your directive. Instead of answering me, he turns to Faucke. "That's twice you've saved our asses. Guess I was wrong about you." Faucke thanks him, while I throw my slippers at Sawyer's thick, thick head. Faucke warns them that the sub will be heavily defended and says they'll need everyone. Jack gets his drift, nods and says he'll help them get on the sub, but he's not going with them." It's off to the sub they go. Claire hustles to catch up with Faucke and apologizes for going with the Losties. He pats her on the back and smiles. "That's all right, Claire. I understand why you went with them." Yeah, shampoo and a hair brush. Look into it, you bald bastard. Your minion has her needs. Meanwhile, Sawyer goes to talk with Jack, with a modicum of respect, even. He knows Jack doesn't want to leave the island with them, and he's cool with that, but he needs a solid. He does not want Faucke getting on that sub. Jack points out that Faucke isn't exactly an easy opponent to beat, or even fight, since he can turn into smoke and all. Sawyer tells Jack, "Just get it in the water. I'll take care of the rest."

Sidebar: I'm not sure Widmore put the C4 in the plane. Isn't that what Richard, Ben and Miles went back to New Otherton to retrieve? And I'm not sure Smokey doesn't know that. I'd imagine he can hear the whispers. I'm not sure Widmore wants to kill any of the Losties. I think he will kill the ones he doesn't need, if he has to, but I don't think that's his goal.

Sideways; St. Sebastian's: Jack watches over a sleeping Locke. The patient stirs, and then begins talking in his sleep. Jack: "Mr. Locke, are you awake." Sleeping-Locke: "Push the button." Jack: "Mr. Locke, can you hear me?" Sleeping-Locke: "I wish you had believed me." The glint from that second mirror is hitting Jack square in the eye, but he's distracted when he hears his brand new sister out in the hall, looking for him.

Claire Littleton has come there just to find him and asks if they can talk. Jack says, "Yes, yes," and takes her to the lounge. Once they're there, he buys an Apollo bar from the candy machine. This time, it doesn't need a little push, neither does Jack. He offers the candy to Claire, who refuses politely. Watching your waistline, Claire? Jack apologizes for running out of the will reading the other day. "I did have an emergency." Claire says, "No worries." She acknowledges this meeting is awkward for both of them and adds that she never met "this man." She then shows him a beautiful inlaid wooden music box their lawyer gave her. Her father especially wanted her to have it. When she asks Jack if he knows anything about it, he laughs. "I have no idea, but then -- I didn't know about you, either." Claire smiles, but then grows serious and asks how Christian died. Jack: "He was found in an alley, outside a bar in Sydney. He drank himself to death. "I flew down to bring his body back, but then the airline lost it." Claire: "I just flew in from Sydney a few days ago." Jack's eyes grow wide. "When?" Claire: "Last Wednesday." Jack blinks and shakes his head. "Oceanic Flight 815?" Claire: "Uh, yeah." They connect the rest of the dots silently, then Jack asks to take a look at the music box. He sits next to her and they open it. It plays "Catch a Falling Star." There's a mirror inside, and this week, we get a reflection of Jack and Claire, together. Then it happens. Jack reaches out to his poor (although probably not financially poor, now that she's in on Christian's will) pregnant bastard sister. He tells her to leave her motel and come stay with him. Claire is surprised: They're strangers. Jack corrects her: They're family. Yay!

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