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Constant Craving

Cut to the soldiers doing push-ups in the mud in the pouring rain. I hope my trainer doesn't watch this show -- I'd hate for him to get any ideas. They switch to crunches, and Desmond explains to his complaining neighbor that he had never had such a vivid dream. The sergeant walks by to be a dick some more, but then we cut back to the chopper...

Where Desmond, his eyes bugged out like mad, is quietly freaking out. Frank tells him that they are almost through the storm, and Desmond throws off his headset and starts removing his safety harness. Sayid asks him what he's doing, and Desmond starts screaming, asking who Sayid is and how he knows Desmond's name. Credits.

Commercials. Iron Man, Iron Man, does whatever an iron can...

Back on the beach, Daniel is pouring some coffee for Charlotte while Jack and Juliet quietly freak out. Jack's holding the phone. He asks where the chopper is, since it took off over a day ago and the people on the boat claim not to have seen it. Charlotte tells her that she only knows what he knows, and asks why he thinks she knows anything else. Juliet: "Because you're not worried." Can I just say how happy I am that people on this show seem to have gotten more intelligent this season? They're actually asking questions and making decisions based on the evidence of their senses. It's so refreshing. Charlotte gets snitty in response, asking if she should moan and pray for the chopper. Daniel tells her to calm down, and wonders aloud if they shouldn't just tell the Losties the big secret. Which, once he's mentioned that there is a secret, kind of leaves him no choice but to share it. Charlotte tries to silence him, but Juliet and Jack really want him to spill the beans. He tells them, "Your perception of how long your friends have been gone, it's not necessarily how long they've actually been gone." Jack asks what that means, but Daniel and the producers decide they've released enough actual info and he just reassures Jack that everything will be fine if Frank flew the chopper on the correct heading. If he didn't follow the heading, "there might be side effects."

The chopper is now flying through clear blue sky again, with no sign of the storm cloud. Desmond is still apparently trying to hurl himself from the helicopter, and Said is struggling to hold him back. Frank tells him they'll be at the boat in two minutes. And then he dives the chopper straight at the water. I didn't realize the freighter was a submarine. Actually, he levels out when they get low enough and we see the freighter floating straight ahead of them. That's when Desmond notices the crumpled up photo in his hand. The chopper lands, a couple of guys run up to it, and Desmond freaks out. The guys want to know why Frank is back so soon, and why he brought people with him, but they don't actually stick around to hear his explanation. Instead, they tell Sayid that they're going to take Desmond to the sick bay, but they absolutely pinky swear that after a doctor sees him, they'll let Sayid visit him. Just as Desmond tells everyone, "I'm not supposed to be here," he finds himself standing in the muddy field while his army pals continue to do crunches in the rain. The sergeant is not too pleased to see him standing up, and screams at him some more before sending the entire squad running.

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