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Constant Craving

It's still raining, but the soldiers are now loading some metal crates onto a truck. Desmond is on the back of the truck, and one of his pals asks him why he's acting so crazy. Desmond decides to confide in him, telling him about his little trip to the boat. But his pal just thinks he's trying to get the British equivalent of a section 8 discharge. And now I'm having trouble not picturing Desmond in a lovely housecoat with a marabou trim. Army Pal asks if Desmond recognized anyone on the boat -- it turns out he recognized Penny. Since I don't think Penny was ever a burly sailor dude, I'm assuming he's remembering the photo he was clutching in his hand. And then Desmond runs away from the truck (and his duty) to find a pay phone. He drops his change -- or rather, a hot soldier body checks him as revenge for all the punishment the squad got, causing him to drop his change -- and as he reaches down to pick it up...

He's back on the boat, madly scrambling at the wooden deck for the non-existent coins. The burly sailor men guide him into the bowels of the ship. The taller one introduces himself as Keamy from Las Vegas; his shorter pall is Omar, from Florida. And the boat's last port was Fiji. Omar: "So at least we know we're still in the Pacific." They lead him into the sickbay, and Keamy tells him that they're going to leave him there while they fetch the doctor. Yes, let's leave the apparently deranged man alone in a room full of sharp and dangerous medical implements. Even better, let's lock him in so he gets really mad. They do just that, and Desmond starts pounding on the door and screaming. Until he's interrupted by a voice calling out, "Hey! Hey!" He looks around the room and sees a guy strapped down to a bed, looking even more deranged than Desmond. He asks Desmond, "It's happening to you too, isn't it?" Man, Henry Ian Cusick really knows how to bug his eyes out in terror. This episode gets an extra half a grade just for that. Commercials.

On the deck, Sayid is carefully examining everything around him. In particular, he's watching Keamy standing on...some other deck, yelling at Frank. Look, I might as well admit it -- I know nothing about boats. I just assume everything is called the poop deck unless someone tells me otherwise. Frank walks toward Sayid while Keamy goes up a ladder to an even higher poop deck. Sayid is convinced that Frank's friends know what's up with Desmond, but Frank tells him that they haven't clued him in to any knowledge they possess. Sayid also wants to know why it is that the helicopter took off at dusk and landed on the boat in the middle of the day. Hey, you fly with Nick Nolte, there are bound to be some blackouts. Frank tells Sayid that he doesn't really know what's going on, but that he's genuinely trying to help. Sayid tells him that if he really wants to help, he'll let Sayid use the phone to call the island. Frank agrees to swap the phone for the gun that Sayid's packing. They make the swap, and Frank tells Sayid not to try to call anyone else, since the phones can only call each other.

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