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Constant Craving

And we're back in the sick bay, where Ray is still shining a light in Desmond's eyes. He's clearly noticed that something's happened, and asks Desmond what he just experienced. And then Frank and Sayid enter. Ray starts yelling at Frank, and Frank tells him that Daniel is on the phone and wants to speak with Desmond. Sayid grabs the doc and yells at Frank to give Desmond the phone. And then the doc hits a panic button, meaning that the rest of this scene is played out over a loud alarm sound. Daniel talks to Desmond, and he's pretty good at cutting through Desmond's panic and actually obtaining information. The key piece of information is that Desmond thinks it's 1996. He also learns that 1996 Desmond is at a camp just north of Glasgow. Jack tries to interrupt, but Daniel shuts him down and tells Desmond that when he goes back to Scotland, he needs to get on a train and go to Oxford University. Desmond asks why. Daniel: "Because I need you to find me." Commercials.

On the beach, Daniel is pawing through his backpack, searching for his journal -- he claims that if he can't find it, he won't believe Desmond. Jack picks exactly the wrong moment to develop some curiosity, asking why Desmond thinks it's 1996. Daniel doesn't know -- but what he means is he doesn't know why it's that year. "It's a random effect. Sometimes the displacement's only a couple of hours, sometimes it's years." He finds his journal and gets back on the phone. On the boat, Sayid tells Desmond to hurry up, as he won't be able to hold back the men trying to open the door for long. Daniel flips through his journal and finds a page with a diagram with objects labeled "object @ light speed" and "space time invariance." Daniel tells Desmond to find him at Queens College and tell him to set the device to 2.342, oscillating at 11 hertz. Desmond writes the numbers down on his hand. Daniel also tells him that if the numbers don't convince 1996 Daniel, Desmond should tell his past self that he knows about Eloise. Yay! We're going to the Plaza Hotel! Keamy finally breaks through the door, and pries the phone away from Desmond.

And we're back in the phone booth, where Desmond is gripping that phone. He looks at his hand, and sees that (of course) the writing is not there.

Queens College. Desmond walks across the quad (or whatever), and sees Daniel (with much longer hair) being a total douchebag to a student. Desmond introduces himself, and starts to explain that he just came from the future, where Daniel told him to seek out Daniel in 1996. Daniel thinks this is a prank instigated by some other physics professors. As he walks away, Desmond tells him how to set his device. Daniel is intrigued, but not convinced. Until Desmond tells him that he knows about Eloise.

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