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Constant Craving

Daniel leads Desmond into a room with stone/brick walls -- it kind of looks like a basement, except with very high ceilings and lots of natural light. It's also full of books, physics equipment, and a large maze on a table. Daniel explains that this is where he does the work that Oxford doesn't like him to do. He thinks that if his future self told Desmond to speak with him, his future self must have remembered meeting Desmond on that day. But Desmond tells him he doesn't think future Daniel remembered the meeting. Daniel can't imagine what would make him forget. I'm sure we'll discover that in three to six episodes. Desmond asks if Daniel is changing the future. Daniel: "You can't change the future." That's not what Obama says. Daniel puts on a heavy smock, which he explains is to protect him from radiation. Desmond looks around nervously for his own smock, but Daniel explains that he only needs it because he's exposed so often -- a single exposure shouldn't hurt Desmond. He scoffs when Desmond asks him why he doesn't cover his head. Daniel sets the device and then grabs a pretty white lab rat from a cage. She's Eloise. Daniel puts her in a corner of the maze, and points the device at her. Desmond asks what it will do. Daniel tells him it will unstick the rat in time, just like Desmond. Daniel turns it on, and there's a bright glow. When the light goes off, Daniel stares at Eloise until her nose starts twitching, explaining to Desmond that she wasn't back until then. He raises the barrier that keeps Eloise in that particular corner of the maze, and she runs through the maze lickety-split. Daniel is ecstatic, but Desmond doesn't see what's so incredible about a rat running the maze. Daniel: "What's incredible is that I just finished the maze this morning. I'm not gonna teach her to run it until an hour from now." Yes, Daniel sent Eloise's mind to the future. Desmond asks how that's supposed to help him. Daniel thinks the point of it all was for Desmond to help Daniel. Desmond starts to tell Daniel about the island, when we flash back to...

The boat, where Keamy is still trying to take the phone away from Desmond. He succeeds, and Frank tries to get everyone to calm down. He explains that Daniel wanted to talk to Desmond, which is why they brought him the phone. The others are not so pleased that Daniel spoke with Desmond. Keamy tells them he has to speak with the captain; Sayid expresses a desire to do that very same thing. But I guess Keamy gets to go first, as he locks Sayid and Desmond in the sick bay. Desmond shines the light in his eyes, trying to send himself back to 1996. Sayid asks Desmond to explain what's going on; hearing his name, bed guy wakes up and asks if that's really Desmond standing before him. He tells them that he's George Minkowski, the communications officer on the ship. Back when he ran the radio room, he would get a flashing light on his console -- he had been told never to answer it. Desmond wonders why this is relevant to him. It turns out that the calls were coming from Penny. Commercials.

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