The Glass Ballerina

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Gone out the window

Jack starts to laugh. Clearly, Ben's not a baseball fan, because he doesn't understand why Jack thinks this is so funny. "If you wanted me to believe this, you probably should have picked somebody else beside the Red Sox," says Jack, and Ben makes things worse by saying that the Red Sox came back from being down three games to none -- a comeback from that point is absolutely unprecedented -- against the Red Sox's traditional rivals, the Yankees, no less. Jack does not believe Ben at all. But Ben's got all the evidence right there, on the television -- the final out of the World Series. Jack stands up and moves to the glass in disbelief, that even on this godforsaken island, he cannot get away from Joe Buck. "That's home, Jack," says Ben. "Right there, on the other side of that glass. And if you listen me, if you trust me, if you do what I tell you when the time comes, I'll take you there. I will take you home." That's awesome, because his ex-wife sure isn't going to stalk herself!

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