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Gone out the window

Over on the Elizabeth, Sun watches Sayid play with his rifle while Jin watches the shore. Sun goes over to talk to Jin, who's still sulking. And keep in mind it's still 2004 here, so he hasn't even seen her Stuff magazine spread. Or her Golf for Women cover, but presumably he'd be cooler with the outfit on the latter. Of course, if she'd worn the Stuff outfit for Golf For Women, we're talking a major newsstand mover. He grouses that he has to adjust the sails. In Korean, she tells him that she's sorry, and that she shouldn't have disagreed with Jin in front of Sayid. He says that she shouldn't have disagreed with him at all, and maybe if I was as good-looking as Daniel Dae Kim is, I could get away with that bullshit once in a while with my wife instead of getting my head handed to me. Sun looks suitably chastened, and Jin asks her why she came. She puts her hand on his. "You know why I came," she says. "I don't want to be without you." They smile at each other, at least for a moment, until Sun gets her flashback frown on.

We cut to Sun lying in bed (she's full-grown Sun now, instead of the lying little maid-blaming brat) and beside her rises Jae Lee, similarly naked, as far as we can see. He asks her what's wrong, and she says that she's married, like it's only now occurring to her, either right before or right after she lets him into her demilitarized zone. Jae considers her "I'm married" protest for all of about half a second before going in for a little tonsil hockey, which Sun breaks off, saying she can't. She sits up, scarlet (nice) bed sheet wrapped around her. But Jae's not licked yet, literally or figuratively. He reaches over to the nightstand and gives her a pearl necklace. Like, an actual pearl necklace. She digs it, but she says she can't wear it, as Jin will ask where it came from. They've been speaking Korean up until this point, but he switches into English to say that he doesn't want to share her anymore, which the poor guy doesn't realize is kind of what Sun's getting at too. "Your English is excellent now," he tells her, adding that she's ready to go to America. And I'd like to add that Jae's sensitive routine works my nerves in a major way, that soft-spoken "nobody appreciates the beauty and the mystery of Sun but I" nonsense. Fortunately, they're interrupted by a knock on the door, surprising both of them. Jae asks Sun if anyone knows she's there. "No," she says. Jae puts some pants on, and his skinny yet ripped torso heads for the door, which is opened by a bellhop even before he gets there. Jae starts berating him -- until Sun's dad stomps in. Jae bows his head, and starts to apologize, but Sun Daddy ignores him and stomps over to the bedroom, where a startled Sun can't even meet his eyes. "Get dressed," he snaps, and glares at her for a moment before stomping out.

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