The Glass Ballerina

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Gone out the window

Sawyer strolls over; he didn't see Alex. "Having fun yet, Freckles?" he says, and Kate orders him to quit staring at her ass. This would not be the best time for Sawyer to say, "Give me something else to stare at, then," yet here we are. Danny sees the two of them chatting, and yells over for them to "shut up," and I like this guy more and more with each scene he's in.

Sun strolls down the Pala Ferry dock carrying a gas can from the Elizabeth. She hands it off to Sayid, who goes to slosh it over the massive pyre he's building. It's taller than any of them. She asks him what else she can do, and he tells her to help Jin, who's gathering wood, since they need all the fuel they can get. She notes how big the fire is, and he tells her it has to be huge to make sure Jack can see the smoke. She takes a step forward and quietly says, "Why are you lying to me, Sayid?" "And what would you know about lying, Sun?" is his response. Whoa! So this is a glass-house kind of thing? Don't think so, because, as Sun points out, "You're putting our lives in danger." She goes to help Jin, but Sayid says he's "fairly certain" Kate, Jack, and Sawyer have been captured: "There are tracks all over the dock. They're fresh. As recent as yesterday." She reminds him that he said the dock was abandoned. Sayid, deadpan: "That would be part of the lying you mentioned." Hee hee! Sun correctly surmises that Sayid's building the fire for the Others, not Jack. Sayid says he figures that when the Others see the smoke, they'll send a scout party, and by then it'll be night, so he'll ambush them, take two hostage, and kill the rest. "'Two'?" says Sun. "One to make the other cooperate," he says. Sounds like a pretty crappy plan to me, but Sun's on board. She asks what he needs her to do, and he asks, apologetically, for her to keep lying to her husband for another twenty minutes or so, because by then the fire will be lit and it'll be too late to go back. Sun looks over at her husband, who gives her an enigmatic look back. Lie to her husband? Yeah, I think Sun can handle that.

Flashback to Sun... staring at a plate? Admiring herself in its reflection? A sullen Jin enters. She greets him, helps him off with his jacket, and he's silent the entire time. They sit down at the dinner table, and he finally asks her how her day was. As she strikes a match to light the candles, her hands are shaking so badly that she's lucky she doesn't set her sleeve on fire. She says it was fine. Jin says he saw her father today. "Oh?" says Sun, instead of, "Don't you work for my father?" Jin says Sun Daddy called him "son" for the first time today. Since this doesn't appear to have been such a Hallmark moment, Sun asks why he did that. "He wants me to deliver a message," says Jin. Sun seems to understand right away what that means, unlike Jin, and asks if he's going to do it. "I have to," he says, and she says he doesn't, and he asks her if she thinks it's really that simple. She suggests they go away, start a new life, but he argues that her father will never let that happen. "I do this for you, Sun!" he shouts, slapping the table and standing up. "I do this because your father expects it! I do this because... that's what it takes to be married to you." "And what does it take to be married to you?" she snaps. Well... tawdry affairs in fancy hotels, apparently. But she does have a point about going somewhere to start over. Jin's had enough, though; he heads for the door. Sun asks where he's going. "To deliver the message," he says.

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