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Gone out the window

Back on the beach, Jin watches Sayid build the fire. After a moment, he walks purposefully over to Sayid, and holds his hand out. "Gun," he says. Sayid's not sure he understands. What part of "gun" are you having trouble with? Jin calls for Sun to come over so she can translate what he says, as he babbles on excitedly, pointing into the bushes. "He knows what we're doing. He knows it's a trap," she says, stunned. Jin calms down, and speaks a lot more quietly. "He says he understands English better than I think he does." A little more from Jin, who's looking somewhat sadly at Sun. "He knows I betrayed him," he says. Jin holds out his hand again, and says, "Gun." Sayid hands one over, and starts explaining how to use it, but Jin swiftly checks the clip and the chamber with the familiarity of a... well, a hit man. Then he speaks to Sun again, and points to the boat. Sayid doesn't need a translation for that, and tells Sun he thinks she'll be safer on the boat. A still stunned Sun meekly starts to leave, but Sayid stops her to tell her that if "by chance" the Others get past him and Jin, there's another gun on the boat, under the blue tarp. "If they get past you, that means my husband is dead. And I won't care anymore," she says. Or that means they've captured your husband. Or -- and this is just a possibility, mind you -- it means that they went straight for the boat. What I'm saying is, don't use that gun to commit suicide or anything, Sun.

Back at the work camp, Cool Hand Sawyer sees Juliet standing there, and they lock eyes for a moment, and somebody forgot to write some dialogue for this scene or something. Sawyer stands there glaring, and then Juliet tosses him a canteen, and stands there making faces at him. Sawyer unscrews the canteen... and then dumps the water out onto the ground. Yeah, get dehydration, Sawyer. That'll show 'em. Sawyer swaggers back to work, only to notice that Kate's practically dying of exhaustion. Too bad YOU DON'T HAVE ANY WATER TO GIVE HER.

But what's better than water? How about some Sawyer spit? He drops the wheelbarrow, and strolls over and plants a big greasy one right on her lips. Kate's surprised, but not exactly repulsed, and kisses him back. Danny might not have laid down any rules specifically against kissing, but touching is verboten, and he stomps over and delivers a rifle butt to the back of Sawyer's head just as he's coming up for air. Sawyer drops, and Danny keeps going at him, but Sawyer manages to grab the rifle and get in a couple shots of his own. More Others join the fray, and Sawyer holds his own, except for when he tries to taser this hefty guy and realizes that he doesn't know how to use a taser. Still, he finally manages to get enough room to point the rifle at his captors, but before he can do anything with it, Juliet calls out, "James!" He looks over, and Juliet's holding Kate's arm. She's also pointing a gun at her. "Put the gun down. Right now," she says. He doesn't do it right away, so she repeats the command. He tosses the rifle aside, and a bloodied Danny takes out his taser for a little payback. He zaps Sawyer, who writhes around on the ground as a distraught Kate looks on. Way to help him out back there, Kate.

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