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Gone out the window

Back at the beach, Jin and Sayid hang out in the trees around the fire, waiting. Nothing could possibly go wrong! Out on the boat, Sun's using a butane lighter to ignite one of the stove's burners, and puts a pot over the flame. She looks like she's about thirty seconds away from kicking back with a good book in one hand and a rye and Coke in the other. She hears something thumping, and we cut to a shot of many people's legs and feet boarding the boat. Sun gasps, and goes for the gun, which is indeed wrapped in the tarp like Sayid said it was. Tarps. Is there anything they can't do?

Jin's sitting in his car, with his gun and a picture of Jae on the dashboard. He sees Jae speak to the doorman and head into the hotel. Jin gets out of the car and follows him. There's a taxi behind Jin's car. A taxi? In front of a hotel? Now I've seen everything!

Inside the hotel, Jin catches up with Jae just as he's entering his room. Jae's all "wait!" but Jin throws him into the room, through some kind of lattice wall and into a coffee table. Jin throws Jae down on the bed, Jae already as bloodied as Drago at the end of Rocky IV. What a creampuff. "Do you know who I am? Do you know why I'm here?" yells Jin, and Jae apologizes, and the entire scene is Jin making threats that work both for "stop stealing from my gangster boss!" and "stop sleeping with my wife!" while Jae's apologies and pleas also work equally well for both. It's just a shade contrived, but I thought it worked -- it added the tension of wondering if Jae would blurt something out to reveal the affair. "Then you know what I have to do," says Jin, and he holds a pillow over Jae's head and puts a gun to it. Jae's completely blubbering by now. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he wails. Jin pulls the gun away. "You will leave this country. Do you understand me? You will leave and never come back. Start a new life. And if I hear you've returned, if you have any contact at all, I will finish this. Am I clear? You don't exist." Jin gets up and leaves, Jae lying there sobbing, covered in blood and tears and snot.

Outside, Jin walks to his car. That taxi is suspiciously still there. Jin gets in his car and grips the steering wheel, thinking. If he weren't quite so conflicted about what he's doing, perhaps he would have pulled away in time to save his windshield from being smashed by the body of Jae Lee, which has come falling from the sky. Shocked, Jin gets out of his car. Jae's dead. Dead from the fall or already dead, it's impossible to tell. But he's got a string of pearls clutched in his right hand. This, plus the strange fact that there's a taxi in front of the hotel, has plenty of people speculating that Sun helped Jae take the express route to the ground. And... seriously? Sun pushed Jae? She had a hard enough time breaking up with the guy. I'm not saying that's not going to be an upcoming plot twist. I'm just saying it would be ridiculous. We saw a young Sun lying to get out of trouble, even though it cost a maid her job. But it's a pretty big friggin' leap to go from that to murder. I lied to get out of trouble all the time when I was a kid. But I have not yet committed murder, at least not any that I've been convicted of. More likely: Mr. Paik wasn't convinced of Jin's willingness to deliver the message, and had somebody batting cleanup. But given the pearls in Jae's hand, I'm convinced that between the possibility of losing Sun and the possibility of another Jin-whipping, he called it quits himself.

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