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Michael's Got a Gun

Anyway, they head into the shelter and Kate immediately notices the lack of humans. She calls out for Jack and Locke and they start banging on the door of the gun room and shouting about the stupid button, so Kate runs off to handle the button as Sawyer remains at the combination lock and Locke shouts out the combo so that he can open the door. "Howdy, boys," drawls Sawyer as he sees Jack loading a gun with ammo. Jack hands the gun to Locke and declares that they're going after Michael. Locke looks like he's not into this plan at all. Sawyer asks what the hell is going on, and Jack and Locke fill him in as they get a couple of knapsacks ready to travel. Sawyer doesn't even hesitate; he walks directly into the gun room and grabs a gun, saying that he's going with them. Jack says it's not a good idea because Sawyer's still on antibiotics. "Well, it's a good thing I'm travelin' with mah doctor then," swaggers Sawyer. Heh.

We Jet Blast back to the past, where Jack is checking on Brokeback Papa. The daughter enters and asks how he's doing, and Jack says that Brokeback's counts aren't where he'd like them to be. She comments that Jack's been doing tests for over a month and Jack just says that he's thorough. He's also apparently not dealing with HMO or United Healthcare, because a month in the hospital costs about as much as a small island off the coast of Jamaica, mon. The daughter confesses that she doesn't believe in miracles and then she brings up Jack's wife and how she must believe in miracles. No, she just believes in hot doctors. Jack's like, the huh? My wife? This scene isn't really taking us anywhere, so I'll just wrap it up by telling you that the daughter and Jack are kind of flirting with each other and the daughter brings up that Jack's wife must be really understanding if she lets her husband work until four-thirty in the morning and Jack is all, d'oh! I totally lost track of time! And we're supposed to get the idea that Jack is really neglectful of his wife and that this is putting a strain on their marriage.

Bedroom of Strained Miracle Marriages. Jack enters at dawn, and Sarah's awake. She asks how Brokeback is, and Jack says he's about the same. He apologizes for his lateness and not calling and she takes it in stride, saying that's the price of being a miracle worker. Man. They're not over-working the "miracle" shit here at all, are they? Sarah gets out of bed and says she has stuff to do and Matthew Fox answers my prayers and takes off his shirt and gets into bed. Sarah comes back in and sits down on the bed and informs Jack that she was late, so she bought a pregnancy test. Jack sits up, and from the look on his face, a baby would not be a welcome addition to the Strained Miracle Marriage. I mean, he's not shouting, "NOOOOO!" or anything, but he's also not weeping tears of joy here. "Don't worry," she says ruefully, "it's negative." Jack kind of halfheartedly asks her if she wants to talk about it and she just says, "What's there to talk about?" Exactly.

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