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Michael's Got a Gun

We Jet Swoosh back to the past, where Jack is slamming his head and hands into a wall of lockers and, I'm assuming, we're supposed to find out the reason Jack is running through the jungle after Michael. Jack's dad enters and tries to calm his son down, but Jack's shouting that he had it, that he had all of the tumor in his hands, he had it all! His dad says that yeah, he did, but Brokeback Papa was a sick old man and he was on the table for seven hours and his heart just simply gave out. Jack finally calms down and says, "I've gotta go tell her." "Yeah, well," says his dad, "I've already done that." Jack turns to his father with a "the hell?" expression on his face. His dad gets his back up and says, "Lest you forget, I am still the chief of surgery." Well, yeah, but it was still Jack's patient, drunk-o. If my dad had crapped out on his operating table six years ago, I'd like to think the guy delivering the "I'm so sorry" speech wouldn't have been the chief of damn surgery but the doctor who actually performed the surgery. The moral of the story? Jack's dad is a domineering controlling dickhead. Thank you, and good night.

Jack demands to know where the daughter is, and his dad tells him that she's gone. Jack finally heads home, but before he can get into his car, a car door across the way opens up and it's the daughter. She gets out of the car, sniffling, and makes her way to Jack. "Gabriela," he says, moving toward her. She's sniffling some more and she thanks him for trying and then breaks down in sobs and he pulls her into his arms and says that he's sorry and he pulls back and puts his hands on either side of her face, which, yeah, nice bedside manner there, doctor. Gabriela starts to kiss him and instead of pulling away, Jack gets totally into it, even though there's probably snot on her face, and they're kissing and kissing some more until finally, Jack wises up and pulls back and tells her that he can't do this. He gets into his car and leaves the sobbing woman with the dead father on the pavement outside the hospital. Who says chivalry is dead?

Back again with the Boy Scouts, Sawyer's all up in Locke's kitchen about how he's lost Michael's trail. Locke just says he needs light to follow the markers and Jack steps up with a couple of torches all, here's your light, bizzotch! Locke thinks they should go back. Jack thinks Locke should find the trail. Locke says he's lost the trail. Jack says that Locke doesn't lose trails, he just doesn't want to find Michael. "Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT, Jack!" snaps Locke. "I've been runnin' through the jungle, toward the sound of gunfire, because I don't care about Michael." Heh. Nice one, Locke. He rocks. Locke goes to return to the beach and Jack is all, dude! If we turn back, we'll never see Michael again! "And that's gonna be on us," he says. "On you and on me."

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